454. BOOK EXCERPT: Explorations ~ David Russell

Explorations ~ Silks Vault Publishing

Cedric wondered if she would be there at the pool this time, and if so, if
she would be wearing the same costume as before. His last glimpse of her in
it held lasting allure–strapless, with sweeping lines straight across the
thighs and down round and up the back. Health now throbbed through him;
thoughts were fresh. Then–yes; it was her. He caught a glimpse as she passed
through the turnstile, had a flash in his mind of her wearing it under her
clothes, and he was helping undo her dress…‘just let life take its course’,
he told himself. The other figures in the men’s changing room did not really
register on him–no competition, no interference. Buttons and zips felt full
of static as he undid them, under her implicit eye. Heart and groin beat in
unison. As he pulled on his trunks, grasped goggles, he felt full-bodied.
The shower in the pool entrance hit his waist, tingling on him as he longed
her body to tingle his. This time he’d show a bold front.
* * * *

Janice entered to see him on the springboard; with his elevation her heart
lifted. He was wearing the same ones she’d seen him in before–black, smooth,
close-fitting but not too brief–just like the dream. He couldn’t dive
properly, but there was grace and confidence in his jump. Now approaches
need no longer be conscious.

* * * *

The goggles served Cedric well; he saw full length and depth, costume as
anticipated: just right; her neck held proudly straight, all limbs in
harmony–full but slender, figure trim, in perfect grace.

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2 thoughts on “454. BOOK EXCERPT: Explorations ~ David Russell

  1. This novelette tells a story of emerging or perhaps re-emerging sexual vitality, as told from both male and female perspectives. While it describes adults, it has the quality of being both a projective look by adolescents toward their sexual future, and retrospective look by adults toward their earlier, and now re-awakened sexuality.

    Much of the sexual energy is diffused in the telling of the story, and the climax (which is both literal and figurative) is really a plateau. The reader could stand on it, along with the protagonists, feel satisfaction at having reached this place, and then gaze out and wonder,“what new sexual adventures await these two sexual adventurers?” It’s certainly not “deep” as one commentator suggested, but the novella is introspective, and does build to a satisfying conclusion. It is a work of surface textures, well suited to the milieu of swimming. Definitely well worth reading. The author also has poems and original artwork based on this motif of sex and swimming, at eroticpoems.org.

    Paul Dolinsky

  2. Explorations is the story of two newly divorced people, Janice and Cedric, who, up until this time have been in stale, safe relationships. Neither was happy during their respective marriages and both were bogged down by society rules and behaviors. Now, each is looking for new and interesting experiences. Each wants to transform themselves into the person they have secretly wanted to be.

    Janice decides to take a drawing class to let her creative side show. She meets Cedric, an art model. They are instantly attracted to each other.

    There are several more chance meetings and the sexual tension between them builds, then one night Janice, who has always been shy in the past, make a bold move and asks Cedric to model privately for her.

    Each finds fulfillment in the encounter; a rejuvenation of spirit.

    I liked the characters and the premise of the story. It’s an entertaining short tale that most readers will enjoy.

    Anna James

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