453. PRESS RELEASE: Making ET (Extraterrestrial) Contact through Hypnotherapy


Making ET (Extraterrestrial) Contact through Hypnotherapy

Spell-Binding Transcripts of Actual Hypnotherapy Sessions in New Book from Dandelion…

TEMPE, AZ, February 13, 2007 – Dandelion Books http://www.dandelionbooks.net. . . Can past-life traumas spill over into a current lifetime, causing illnesses and phobias that doctors and psychiatrists cannot diagnose—and if so, can sessions with a hypnotherapist heal them, asks Dolores Small, DCH, Ph.D., in Unveil the Past, Heal the Future through Hypnotherapy, just released by Dandelion Books http://www.dandelionbooks.net (978-1-893302-96-9).

Using spellbinding transcripts of actual hypnotherapy sessions, Dr. Proiette reveals what her clients’ subconscious minds have shown her regarding some of the greatest mysteries we face:

* Do we keep running into the same group of souls in successive lifetimes? If so, could hypnotherapy help us improve our relationships with them?

* Can past-life traumas spill over into a current lifetime, causing illnesses and phobias that doctors and psychiatrists cannot diagnose–and if so, can hypnotherapy heal them?

* When we block childhood trauma, it haunts our life from the subconscious mind. How can hypnotherapy resolve it so that it releases its paralyzing stranglehold on our lives?

* Is it possible that many of us have contact with ETs that is then “erased” from our conscious mind but is still left in our subconscious mind for hypnotherapy to reveal?

Writes book designer, Tony Stubbs http://www.tjpublish.com author of Living with Soul, It’s All about Control http://www.dandelionbooks.net/bookstore2/index.php and An Ascension Handbook: “When I started working on this book, I was so fascinated by the content that I stopped working and just read the manuscript for pleasure. The compelling case studies took my breath away; I was awestruck by the width and depth of our subconscious mind, and by the power of hypnosis to unlock its trove of deep, dark secrets.”

Dr. Proiette has been practicing Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy since 1993; her offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona. Proiette has doctorates in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Philosophy, a master’s degree in Education, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is also a Reiki Master Third Degree Therapist and has completed advanced graduate studies in Professional Counseling. Dr. Proiette is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the

Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis. Her website is http://www.hypnosishealingscenter.com.

All Dandelion Books are for sale at http://www.dandelionbooks.net, http://www.amazon.com and at courageous bookstores everywhere.
[Toll-free orders: 1-800-861-7899].

For more information, contact:

Carol Adler
1133 West Baseline Rd. – Ste. 178, Tempe, Arizona 85283
Fax – 866-787-1972


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