45. An Alternative ARTICLE:The Evolution of Self Publishing


In a special pull-out guide in the August issue of “WD,” Associate Editor Brian Klems gives you the pros and cons of self-publishing. He spoke with literary agent Michael Mancilla, who believes self-publishing can open doors:

“Self-published books are becoming more accepted by agents
and publishers. Someone who goes through the process will learn
and realize how difficult it is, which means the author has
determination and will do what it takes to make his book a success.

“If a book gets recognition and has solid sales, agents and publishers can see that it’s a proven item and not just a risky proposal.”

For more information on self-publishing, read the entire article online:

You can also view the winners of “WD”‘s 12th Annual
International Self-published Book Awards online:


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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