449. BOOK EXCERPT: Looking Glass Portal ~ Larriane Wills ~ Swimming Kangaroo Books

Looking Glass Portal excerpt:

Looking Glass Portal

This can’t be real, Garrett thought. He must be delirious, or in the
grip of a nightmare. No spot of light could punch through flesh and
bone leaving his arm hanging, bloodlessly, attached below the elbow on
only a thin string of flesh. That was something straight out of Star
Wars, and he wasn’t in any movie. It couldn’t be real. He had to wake
up. Boss’s screams were real. They had fallen. That had to be what had
happened. He was unconscious, and Boss was hurt. He had to wake up.
The thing stepped back, pointed the box, and a second spot of light
shot out. The same succession of grunts sounded as it moved back.
Garrett decided it had to be a sick laugh as the thing grabbed him by
the hair and pushed his head down to see the bigger hole neatly
punched through the right side of his chest.

“Let me wake up!” Garrett’s mind screamed as his head fell back, and
the thing moved off again. “I’ve got to help Boss!”
The thing jumped, squealed, and shoved its hands into the fur
wrappings. Its stance changed to defensive, as stiff and as straight
as its height would allow.

A girl as beautiful as the man was ugly moved into Garrett’s line of
vision. Corn-silk hair hung down to her waist and a full billowing
gown of pure white covered her from her neck to the ground. She
floated rather than walked toward the creature, holding out her hand.
The thing protested the obvious demand with squeals and grunts. The
girl sang. It wasn’t words, but musical notes that alternated with the
sounds the thing made until it gave her the box it had so quickly hidden.

When she turned to face him, Garrett wanted to smile. She was a woman
actually, not a girl, probably in her early twenties, and her eyes
were the color of wild Bachelor Buttons, a brilliant blue violet. She
was a dream as lovely as the creature was grotesque, but more
importantly, she only looked to where Boss screamed and thrashed for
the tormenting sounds to stop. Thank you, Garrett thought, knowing
without seeing that she had helped Boss. Thank you, he thought again,
when she sank down beside him and with a brush of her hand closed his

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