446. Sometimes in September ~ Cassidy McKay ~ Twilight Fantasies Publications

An upcoming time travel with Twilight Fantasies Publications, coming out May 2nd, 2007


David Chesney believes in ghosts. He’s seen them…and they’ve seen him.

When a beautiful ghost begs him to help save her child, David falls back in time to the California Gold Rush, where a life was worth less than a shiny gold nugget, and tossed away even more rapidly. As he meets the woman who has intrigued him all of his life, in her lifetime, he finds that love is more precious than gold, even when her future is in his past.

Can he change the future to save the woman he’s fallen in love with from heartbreak? More importantly… should he?



Sometimes in September

When the leaves are turning color

The wind blows softly through the branches

Like the memories of yesterday

Sometimes in September

By the stream in the woods

The water trickles through the rocks

Like yesterday’s wishes tossed away

Sometimes in September

The winds carry their secrets

Away to far off lands

Like the dreams of tomorrow

And sometimes, in September

In the stream bed near the trees

The memories of another time

Leave a passage to a dream



Don’t go near the ruins, boy.

But why not, Daddy?

There are restless things there, David.

David Chesney swerved to avoid hitting the startled deer standing in the road. Distractions were dangerous on these winding mountain roads.especially distractions of childhood memories better left buried.

Finally-he was coming home. Never mind the thirteen places he’d lived since moving from here when he was ten. Nor the myriad of jobs he’d held doing anything and everything. He was a wanderer and what some people called a Jack of all Trades. But there had always been only one place he’d called home: the California Gold Country. Time didn’t matter, and the people and places in between were superfluous.

Gripping the steering wheel in tense anticipation, he turned down the road to his childhood home. The autumn breeze blew in through his open window, ruffling his hair.

It’s smaller.

The trees still towered over the rutted dirt road, and navigating around the ever-present potholes took David’s full attention. He slowed, pulling over to park in front of a rusted gate with an equally rusty lock. It creaked open in jerks and starts, as if welcoming him home rather reluctantly.

Were the ruins still there?

The thought had recurred frequently during the settling of his grandfather’s estate. He’d recently inherited the house his family had once shared with Grandpa Chesney.when times were bad and jobs were scarce. He’d been ten.

While they’d gone their separate ways when David’s parents were in better financial shape, Grandpa’s house still had that special feeling of home that the many moves since had lacked.

He wondered if she was still waiting for him; the transparent lady with the sad eyes who’d asked him to help her. But what could a ten-year old boy do? Especially since he was trespassing on the old ruins he’d been repeatedly warned away from.

There are restless things there, David.


Romance Author Cassidy McKay

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