436.NY Daily News says… Morris has a way with words and drama!!


NY Daily News says… Morris has a way with words and drama!!

Janine A. Morris bursts onto the fiction scene with a page-turning novel featuring three smart, sexy African American divas: Dakota, Jordan, and Chrasey. Best friends since college, these thirty-something native New Yorkers have seen it all-or so they think. Because as they’re discovering, their wild school days have nothing on the dramas of adulthood…

Do the thrills of youth have to end after a certain age? With her thirty-first birthday around the corner, Dakota doesn’t think so. She may be a successful marketing executive, but she still believes in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. She’s just not sure whether Tony, her on-and-off man, agrees. Tony is successful in his own right, making his money in the music industry. The idea of settling down has come up once or twice between them, but Dakota isn’t sure she’s quite ready for that. And at this rate, will she ever be?

Chrasey has been married to Keith for six years. They have two children, and own a house in Queens. Life has been good, but lately Chrasey senses problems at home. She’s not sure what’s up with keith, but he’s not himself, and she’s feeling neglected. Chrasey is a firm believer in upholding her wedding vows, but after months of temptation from a handsome younger man, she finds herself becoming something she never thought she’d be: married and unfaithful. As much as Chrasey wants her old life back, some messes are easier to get into than out of…

Jordan, the most sensible of the trio, has adopted the mother role. But even good girls have their demons. Jordan lives with her husband and son on Long Island, and has worked hard for her success as a lawyer. But her desire to have it all may cause her to risk everything. With a husband who didn’t sign up for glitz and glamour, Jordan has to walk a fine line to balance her personal and professional lives. Ultimately, she must decide what her priorities are-but the wrong choice could cost more than she wants to pay.

From the sweet to the bittersweet, life’s dramas will play out one way or another. And one way or another, the secrets these women share will strengthen the bonds of sisterhood that help them survive it all…

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“I love the way the story depicts today’s modern black females… we aren’t only holding our men down, we are holding it down in the corporate world … from the beginning of the book to the end I felt like I was experiencing one of my own girls night out … Jordan, Dakota and Chrasey are just so real!”
La La

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Recent Reviews:
Books2Mention Magazine– 5 out of 5 stars
Absolutely Sizzling!
‘Diva Diaries is a dynamic tale of three women that are true to life sisterfriends. This intuitive novel is witty, told with that charismatic flair that women will appreciate…Janine A. Morris orchestrates a brutally honest book that revolves around Jordan, Chrasey and Dakota. All of which is enthralled in their own personal drama. From husbands who lack in the area of support, or emotionally and physically unavailable to their spouses, to the frequently disappearing boyfriend that is engaged to another woman…All three women are successful in their own right, they all live in New York and have been best friends since college. The only thing that appears to be missing is healthy loving relationships with the men in their lives. Diva Diaries is fashioned with relationship issues that will resonate with readers. Touching on infidelity, jealousy and self-esteem issues…Each woman will come to terms with what they can and cannot live with in their pursuit of happiness. Picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward. Readers will be able to identify with these chic divas, from personal experiences or from people in their lives who have struggled through similar situations. This is a great look at sisterfriends who are truly there for each other lending moral support and a listening ear because of the love they have for each other as sisters…as friends…Diva Diaries is absolutely sizzling delivering something fresh to the world of fiction.”

Black Expressions.com
Best friends since college, Chrasey, Dakota and Jordan are all in their early 30s, with real careers, real families—and real issues. Overweight and pretty, Chrasey is married and has two young sons. Her husband Keith barely knows she exists—but sexy young Trevor does…and he’s more than willing to pick up the slack. Jordan is a high-powered entertainment lawyer with not enough hours in the day. Her husband Omar is tired of her late nights at the office and wants her to choose between career and home—but at what cost? Dakota is the only single woman of the three, but she’d love nothing more than to be a Mrs. to the former NFL star she’s seeing-but he’s “engaged” to his baby’s mama. Will she finally wise up-or settle for being his “jump off?”-
5 stars
Diva Diaries is a remarkable story about three strong divas helping each other over the humps of love, life, career and family.

Dakota is a smart sexy publicist that lives life in the fast lane. Dakota finds it necessary to keep a few men on the roster. When one acts out call the next one. Love never crossed her mind until she finds herself sitting around waiting on Tony, her on again and off again man with his own roster of women he tries to hide. When a tragic loss hits Kota hard she re-evaluates her lifestyle, her relationships finding what is really important.

Chrasey is a little over weight and stuck in a dead end marriage to Keith who she loves. Married with children Chrasey suddenly finds life exciting again when she meets a younger handsome Trevor that reminds her she is a diva and a worthy woman. Riddled with guilt Chrasey finds out that her husband Keith has more problems than she thought and those problems will change her family and marriage forever. Jordan, a hard working entertainment lawyer struggles to balance a high demand career and a husband who doesn’t like the spotlight that comes with his wife. When her husband Omar decides to teach Jordan a lesson about her responsibilities as wife and mother his approach backfires and Jordan turns to her long time friend and colleague Jayon. Life for Jordan and Omar will never be the same.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this story. Once you start reading, you can’t put the book down.

A story so real- you know these divas. One might be you. I found I was a little bit of all three of them.

This sexy, heart felt novel was all that! A top pick for 2006.
A Sex in the City meets Girlfriends with a twist. Check it out July.

Mahogany Book Club
Mahogany Media Review

“Seriously, I couldn’t put the book down … every one of us knows one of these woman or we are one of these woman … you should probably keep this book away from your man, because we never want them to know this much … Diva Diaries is a fun book and I would read it again.”
Angie Martinez
HOT 97 Personality

“It doesn’t really have the ghetto foolishness you see in other books about black sisters… but it’s a real story that every woman I know can relate to…half of the sisters in America are on a journey trying to go from ghetto foolishness to ghetto glamourous, and this book shows some of these journeys … I love it.”
Fatman Scoop
HOT 97 Personality, Grammy Award Winning Artist

“Diva Diaries has more juicy drama than any reality show and is more addictive than cigarettes and coffee! Janine writes for the everyday diva in all of us.”
Miss Info
Author of “Bling, Hip Hops Crown Jewels,” and Vibe columnist

“I don’t even usually read these types of books, but I checked this one out, and this book is hot… it may be a fiction, but the story is at real as it gets!!! It’s fun and insightful … I got a real look inside the females brain with this one… “
Funkmaster Flex
HOT 97 Personality, & Spike TV host

“An insightful and lively look into the diva lifestyle…a must read!””
98.7 KISS FM Wake-Up Club

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