433. PRESS RELEASE: Bertrand E. Brown ~ Author of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

January 20, 2007

Good Morning Friend,

My name is Bertrand E. Brown and I am the author of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, a novel.

As we begin another year we are all compelled to give thanks for the blessings bestowed on us this past year. As a teacher and educator, I can find innumerable reasons to give thanks; and yet I find myself still somewhat burdened by the fact that too many of our young people are still being left behind. Once again, I’m compelled to come to you to ask you to send books to the Literacy Library, a mentoring and tutorial program that I founded with the hopes of increasing the literacy level among our teenagers.

I’ve always had a love for books, (though not necessary for the traditional curriculum offered in school). Still, I can remember my first reading of Simple Speaks His Mind by Langston Hughes; and both my appetite for Hughes and anything else that came my way blossomed from that point on.

It is my sincere hope that in a school district where close to forty-percent of high school students are dropping out that I can spark a similar interest in those teens that cross my path. Hopefully you can aid me in my endeavors by sending any books that you have completed reading and have a particular affinity for.

I’m sure you know who the popular authors are and I’m quite sure that if you like them, our students will enjoy them as well. Right now we are most interested in motivating, mentoring and initiating their love for reading. All other aspects of learning are easy once that is accomplished. The typical age range of our student’s is seventeen, eighteen and nineteen with a few twenty year olds.

So, please take the time to aid us in our endeavors. And feel free to send gift certificates for Borders and Barnes & Noble as well.

Again, I thank you immensely for your time, compassion and understanding the urgency and importance of helping our young people become more literate.

Thanks again,

Bertrand E. Brown
Author of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

All books and donations can be addressed to:
The Literacy Library
c/o Bertrand E. Brown
1706 Kay Street
Greensboro, N.C. 27405

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