429. REVIEW: Cherished Pulse: Unconventional Love Poetry by Magdalena Ball, Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Title: Cherished Pulse: Unconventional Love Poetry
Authors: Magdalena Ball, Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Websites of Authors: Magdalena Ball http://www.compulsivereader.com/html
Carolyn Howard-Johnson http://carolynhoward-johnson.com
Publisher: Compulsive Reader
Website of Publisher: http://www.compulsivereader.com
Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN:Currently unavailable
Length: 38 pages
Format: e-Book

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Twenty unconventional love poems fill the 38 pages of Cherished Pulse. Unconventional because there is very little formal aspects of what experts say make up a poem. However, Ms. Ball and Ms. Howard-Johnson have taken thoughts and emotions from their own hearts and supplied words to fit the chaos that true love brings to a woman’s heart.

Ms. Ball has chosen similes and metaphors using earth’s constantly moving particles, the ocean’s chaotic tumbling, racing, surging, waves, the limitless sky and space with their own brand of chaos to describe the pain, passion, joy and fulfillment that love brings to our hearts and lives.

Ms. Howard-Johnson’s soft spoken, deep observations of love act in direct contrast to Ms. Ball’s poems and provide the gentler side of passionate love, yet without diminishing the chaos that love brings to us.

Both authors are successful in portraying love from first, youthful phases that jolt the heart and mind and changes our views of life to the deeper, more mature love that ignores the age lines and hair color of growing old. Wonderful, thought-provoking verse that a reader will want to read more than once in order to get a full view of love depicted as only a woman can describe it.

Two of my favorites are Galactic Collision by Magdalena Ball and Loving Lance by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. One likens the moment man meets woman and falls in love to a collision of galaxies, sparks flying, emotions in turmoil with chaos softening to a ‘simmering’ glow as age takes its toll. The latter reveals that sometimes love travels a rocky road, bringing problems not easily understood and doubts mingled with hope that this love will survive. There are others, but space is a premium. Remember each individual reader interprets poems using their own knowledge and emotional base and that interpretation will probably differ from mine. Get your copy today and give it to a lover for Valentine’s Day.

Magdalena Ball Bio
Magdalena Ball’s obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from CCNY (New York), an MBA from Charles Sturt University (Wagga), and has studied literature on a postgraduate level at Oxford University (UK). She works as a manuscript assessor for Manuscripts Online, is a member of the Book Connector Advisory Board, an Evaluative Reader for Catchfire Press, and Information Manager for Orica, not always in that order. She is the author of a non-fiction book, The Art of Assessment, and a poetry chapbook Quark Soup. Her novel Sleep Before Evening is due for publication by BeWrite Books early in 2007. Magdalena lives in New South Wales with her husband and three gorgeous children.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson Bio
Carolyn Howard-Johnson has studied writing at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, UK: Herzen University in St. Petersburg, RU, and Charles University in Prague. Ms. Howard-Johnson is a lecturer, an instructor, and a writer. She has appeared on TV and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She received the award Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by members of the California Legislature. She has also published a nitty-gritty how-to book, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER which won USA Book News’ “Best Professional Book 2004” and a chapbook of poetry, TRACINGS (Finishing Line Press). She loves to travel. You may find her events listed at http://www.authorsden.com/carolynhowardjohnson.

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