426. Review: Demand to Submit by Jaci Burton ~ Ellora’s Cave

Title: Demand to Submit
Author: Jaci Burton
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher: http://www.ellorascave.com
Genre: Romantica/Erotica/Fantasy
Publication date: October 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0780-8
Length: 102 pages
Format: eBook


Generic Sub DNA experimentation with all the dirty bits included.

When Marina, and her husband, both officers for the intergalactic police, stumble across a secret location that has been dabbling in illegal experimentation, they discover a woman called Waia. She is one of the “altered”; genetically modified to be a perfect submissive in a generic experimentation that seems to have gone terribly wrong.

As Waia rests in hospital Kaden and Marina decide to go after her creators, but meanwhile they have to find someone willing to take Waia on. Someone special. A Dom who can deal with her obsessive desire to be submissive and one who knows what will happen to her if they cannot cure her from this compulsion that overrides all other basic needs. She is a woman who will die if she does not find a man to serve as her only function is to give her master pleasure. Yet she is flawed. Though her body acts as the equivalent of a sex robot, her mind will do anything to fight against it. A condition that usually drives “altered” submissives to an early grave.

They take Waia to Kyr, a Dom master who lives on the planet Dargon, and he agrees to take her on and become her new trainer. There is something about Waia he is more than willing to try and save, but will he succeed?

What a fantastic read this was for me. I love the premise that Kyr’s job wasn’t just to train Waia to be his submissive, but to teach her sexual joy. An impossible task when all the receptors that allowed her to experience any were removed during her modification. For me, the way Kyr forced himself to remain emotionally detached from Waia, so once fully trained she could be released back into society, heightened the plot and deepened the characterisation no end. When is life ever that simple? He’s a powerful Dom, one of the best, and can cope with her submissive behaviour, but can he deal with her internal emotional turmoil?

Jaci Burton writes in a way that makes you think about how both the main characters deal with sexual and emotional dominance. Although Demand to Submit is a follow up book to Bound To Trust (which I haven’t read) this is clearly a stand alone story as I had no trouble enjoying this erotic, emotionally charged read. Great subplot, interesting characterisation, fresh ideas and some very juicy D/s, M/M, and group scenes; another fun ebook to keep on my cyber-shelf.

Reviewed by
Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer

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1 thought on “426. Review: Demand to Submit by Jaci Burton ~ Ellora’s Cave

  1. Wow! Angelika, I can’t wait to read this one as well. Jaci is AWESOME!

    I also just received her Surviving Demon Island and I have to get reading it as well.

    I’m so excited about all these great stories I have to read.

    Thanks for the review!

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