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Santa 1, Grinch 0

A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL, the contemporary retelling of the Dickens classic was scheduled to be released by Capri Publishing on 12/12. The Grinch came and closed Capri prior to its release. Undaunted, the Somerville, Maine author, Philip Harris decided to check with the publishers of the Ebook version of A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL. Write Words, Inc has two divisions, one for ebooks and another for print.

Mr. Harris said that he was proud to say that Cambridge Books, an imprint of Write Words has picked up the paperback rights for A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL. Because of the quality of the pre-publication reviews they have put a rush on the publication of this novel, which is set in Hallowell, Maine.

Only 10 days before its release, Capri had closed its doors due to health reasons of the owner. At this point it would normally take anywhere from 6 months to a year to find a new publisher for a book. Fortunately for novelist, Philip Harris, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL had been published by Write Words as an ebook on http://www.ebooksonthe.net and http://www.mobipocket.com Mr. Harris then contacted the publisher at Write Words in the hopes of securing a contract for the print version of his novel. Normally, Write Words sends all new book requests to a review committee that generally takes three months to review book submittals. Being familiar with the ebook, the publisher, Arline Chase, decided within two days that the novel warrented a contract for the print version.

Feverishly working over the weekend of December 8th, the publisher and Mr. Harris decided on a new cover design and by December 10th, Mr. Harris had is his possession the publication galleys for review. By Sunday night of the 10th, the print version of A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL was on its way to the printer, BookSurge, an affiliate of Amazon.com. BookSurge indicated that the book should be available to order within 7-10 business days. Some orders may get filled before the holiday and others should be available Christmas week.

Mr. Harris, who is scheduled to read from from his latest novel at the annual Hallowell Board of Trade Christmas meeting on December 14th said he was not sure whether to cancel his reading or to just bring them bad news. Instead, Mr. Harris will attend the meeting and relay his Christmas miracle story to Board members.

The second time author, his first being the co-authored book, WAKING GOD also said that he will send of one his first copies, free, to the Governor’s wife, Karren Baldacci because of her great interest in literacy. Since the novel deals with the longstanding issues of teen drug abuse, suicide and other social issues he said, “I hope that the Governor’s wife will have the time to read the novel and see that Maine’s literary community is making its own efforts to try to give a ray of hope and encouragement to our youth.”

“Miracles can and do happen,” Mr. Harris said. It must be the time of year!

Cambridge Books will NOW accept orders for this novel.
ISBN: 1-59431-444-6 or 978-1-59431-444-5
Bookstores can order from http://www.ebooksonthe.net/buydirect.html
You can also email publisher@ebooksonthe.net
FAX orders may be sent to: Write Words, Inc 410-221-7510

Philip F. Harris
Nationally Syndicated Writer

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