400. Alternative READ: Use Cash to Buy It! ~ Karolina V. Linares ~ Reviewed by Katrina

Title:Use Cash to Buy It!
Author: Karolina V. Linares
Website of Author: http://www.usecashtobuyit.com
Genre: Nonfiction/audio/Personal Finance/Self-Help/Inspiration
Publication Date: 2005
Format: CD
Use Cash To Buy It! ~ Karolina V Linares CD

This cd is packed full of very useful information that I think anyone will find educational and helpful. I liked how the author talked about her own experiences through this cd and how she broke everything down so it wasn’t confusing. There are many books as well as companies out there that teach the same subject but what struck me about this cd, which can also be purchased in book form by the way, is that the author allowed us into her experience with credit issues, etc. She breaks down interest rates, minimum payments, what is the best way to pay your credit off and ho to avoid continuing to make the credit card mistake. Credit cards are like black holes that we as adults always seem to fall into. I have some credit cards left to pay off and now, thanks to Karoline Linares, I am on my way to having a clean credit record and I now know that cash is a heck of a lot better than getting trapped by credit cards. Read this book. Credit cards, while appearing to be an easy fix when you are in a pinch, are really traps that will follow you your whole life.

What the author says:
Use Cash To Buy It! is an inspirational self help guide for all the sufferers of CREDIT CARD DEBT. Credit card debt statistics are going sky high, especially with our young adult culture. I found myself in this predicament, when I was thirty. After a number of years of being foolish, life emergencies happening and being extremely untrained at budgeting correctly, I had to wise up. Through my experience, I had a vision to help others obtain the wisdom, I so desperately needed when I was younger. Use Cash To Buy It! is not your typical boring and uptight financial guide. It has fun, pizzazz and best of all, I tell it like it is. Truth, actions, attitudes and self- discipline are all attributes I help a “victim” of credit card debt to obtain. In the end, if a person doesn’t experience profound changes in all areas of their life…well, they may just need to go back to boring financial guides. Take “charge” of your credit card debts, all on your own! I did it, so can you.

About the Author:
Karolina V. Linares was born in Prague, Czechoslavakia (now Czech Republic). Her family immigrated to the USA in 1969. They made their home in Baltimore, Maryland. She led a typical childhood and upbringing in the 1970’s and 80’s.

By trade, Karolina is a graphic artist and sign designer, for over twenty years. Graphic arts, fine arts, music, cooking, sailing and of course writing are her passions.

She is happily married to Julian Linares who inspired “Use Cash To Buy It!”. Together, they live a very easy going financial lifestyle based on use cash principles, even in our age of electronic transactions.

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