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Title: Keep Your God Waiting
Author: Michael Coleman
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Website of Publisher: http://www.trafford.com
Genre: Alternative Health/Mind/Body
Publication date: April, 2006
ISBN: 141207392-8
Length: 111 pages
Format: Paperback

Keep Your God Waiting by Michael Coleman

You’re only as old as you feel…

I discovered a wealth of information in ‘Keep Your God Waiting’, which includes step-by-step programmes, and simple exercises for anyone to transform their health and sex-life with maximum pleasure, minimum effort and no cost. And couldn’t we all do with a bit of that?

Despite being geared to those of the older (over forty) generations, straight away I can see us younger folk could hugely benefit from Coleman’s strategies. Why not make the most of this information, and practice these simple exercises and techniques now, and not wait until our bodies start to deteriorate?

So what are these strategies I keep talking of? These comprise of three underlying ideas; building the health up, keeping health vibrant and great sex and longevity. Based on how we breath, (often incorrectly), and how to generate, circulate and use bioelectric energies, we can learn how use the available restorative powers from these processes to improve our health. Topics covered are ‘Strengthening the immune system’, ‘Developing a wicked tongue’, ‘Sharpening reflexes’, and ‘Fostering creativity’, to name but a few of the ‘to do at home’ programmes Coleman includes.

And yes, this book does relate to the sexual energy related to the male and female sex organs, and their links to the brain. (Don’t snigger – or it will start me off on the topic of one of my boyfriends). However, because of Coleman’s frank, and refreshing way of informing us how to discover our individuality, I must heed a word of warning for those of you who may be a little more delicate and inhibited than the rest of us – (apart from saying – as in Coleman’s words “…what the heck – do you really want to die wondering?”) — there are some seriously intimate exercises, which some of you may find a little unusual to start with; from finger tapping, neck stretching to self pleasuring, penis massaging, and ejaculation control. But if it works, which I sure it does as Coleman has post-graduate qualifications in education and science, don’t knock it.

Now, I may have a light-hearted approach to this book, but I do take this book very seriously, so I would hardly be giving you an honest and fair opinion if I didn’t say this; If to obtain energy and vitality the answer is less stress and more sex, as Coleman quotes, then happily, I for one, will not argue, and will willingly try out the associated procedures to achieve this!

So why not try this book for yourself? As the maverick retiree says, there is no dull theory to wade through, just basic exercises that can be completed in fifteen minutes a day. So what are you waiting for…? Off you go to buy this book, (or click on the title link above) and show your body how much you appreciate it by looking after yourself.

As with all books pertaining to exercise programmes and health advice, please be sure to read the disclaimer at the front of the book.

About the Author:

Michael Coleman was born in Wales in 1939 but has lived much of his life in Australia. A former teacher, meteorologist and restaurateur he holds a degree in pure mathematics and post-graduate qualifications in education and science. He is passionate about health and, in particular, the power of the body to restore and maintain itself regardless of age. He has certificates in Metaphysics and Reiki and long-standing interests in Tao, Tantra and Mind-Power.
Keep Your God Waiting is his first book on health and results from several years of exploration and experimentation with simple, natural techniques for rejuvenation to which every person has free and equal access.

Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer

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