392. Alternative READ: Meeting the Crone Within ~W.L.Woods ~ LuLu.com ~ Self-Help~ Reviewed by Katrina

Title: Meeting the Crone or Birth of a Wise Woman
Author: W.L.Woods
Website of Author: http://wlwoodsbooks.bravehost.com/
Publisher: LuLu.com
Website of Publisher: http://www.lulu.com
Genre: Self-Help/inspirational
Publication date: 2006
ID: 417978
Length: 63 pages
Format: eBook (reviewed) Print available
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Meeting the Crone Within ~  W.L.Woods

Meeting the Crone Within ~ W.L.Woods ~ LuLu.com ~ Self-Help

Book Blurb:

“Toneypandy is a memory, an event, a situation which was a total fabrication. Toneypandy is the basis of most of the urban legends we create to have so called order in our own lives,” the author explains. Suddenly confronted with her own toneypandy and urban legends, W.L. Woods begins a journey of debunking what is no longer true in her life, what she feared and who she is now. Thoroughly enjoyable, W.L. Woods shares a little bit of everything in a blook based on her blog, “Birth Of A Wise Woman”. It is a book which every reader will find something to take with them until the last page.


This was an amazing book. As I read it I reverted back to being a small child sitting at my grandmothers feet as she spoke of the history of her life and the journey she had taken to get her where she is today. The author is both a Crone and a Wise Woman. You here of many different times in her walk of life and you both laugh, cry and become mesmerized by her stories. I am pretty good at visualization and I felt while reading this book that I was partaking in her journey with her. I only hope that I can write such a wonderful journal to leave for my kids and grandkids to read one day. Excellent book .Highly recommend to everyone!

Katrina Stiles
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer

Believer in faeries, dragons and things that go bump in the night!
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2 thoughts on “392. Alternative READ: Meeting the Crone Within ~W.L.Woods ~ LuLu.com ~ Self-Help~ Reviewed by Katrina

  1. I need to give thanks daily for alot of things and one of them is finding Joey W Hill.I lOVE her books and this one was so much fun. I don’t want to spoil it but wasn’t it great when she took off again in her car and he had to chase her? I kept thinking in my head “no she wouldn’t dare do that” Yep she did.And then she gets out of the car in her bare feet and off she runs away from him.I just loved this book and I think it also was because Ice Queen and Mirror Of My Soul stayed with me for weeks after finishing reading it. They were emotionally draining but awesome stories.This felt light hearted but certainly had some important issues in it as well.

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