388. Alternative PRESS RELEASE: CNN’S Larry King and Beyond Positive Thinking




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Description: On November 2nd the Larry King show on CNN was focused on the topic, “Beyond Positive Thinking.” Mr. King’s guests were John Assaraf, the Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini J.Z. Knight and Bob Proctor. The basic premise of the show was that people have the power to control and to create their own reality. The panel of guests indicated that our everyday lives are controlled and created unconsciously by our subconscious mind. That, in fact, our subconscious mind is responsible for some 96% to 98% of our everyday lives. While the subconscious mind has been the controlling factor, the conscious mind has the ability to break the pattern and to dictate our reality.

The guests said that people have the ability to create and to control such things as health, abundance, relationships and literally every aspect of our being. The question was raised as to whether or not this was just a matter of reciting positive affirmations as the key to this struggle between the two aspects of our minds. All of the panelists agreed that the issue goes “beyond positive thinking.” In order to truly take conscious control of our life it is necessary to change our vibratory nature and to utilize the laws of physics to “attract” those things that we want to change, bring into or to remove from our lives. The notion of Quantum physics says that the entire universe, us included, are vibratory in nature and that when a person truly vibrates their thinking in a positive way, they literally attract positive things into their lives. The movie, “The Secret” was cited as being a guide as to how this process works. They could also have referenced the cult hit “What the Bleep Do We Know” as another example of scientists offering tangible proof as to how this process works.

Is any of this new? Yes and no. Mystics have long held that we do, in fact, control our reality; not just the little things in life, but everything. They have maintained that regardless of our circumstances, each person has the innate, Universe or God given ability to create or alter reality to our choosing. They say that we are not here to suffer or to live a life of misery but rather, each conflict or problem that we confront is merely an opportunity to express our ‘higher selves,’ to evolve and to alter the circumstances to our liking. They claim that there is no such thing as a God who seeks to punish and that so called errors are merely opportunities to grow. This concept only makes sense if you understand that we live countless lives and that we are evolving to a higher state of being.

These concepts, once restricted to the initiated few, came to light in the so called New Age. Voices from people such as Ram Dass, Depak Chopra, Joel Goldsmith, John Price, L. Ron Hubbard, Dr. Hew Len and countless others expressed the notion that reality is of our own making and choosing, regardless of appearances to the contrary. The basic premise is that our past conditioning should be re-evaluated and that we should ‘consciously’ determine the way in which we wish to live.

So, why all of the misery? If we have the ability to alter our reality, and the reality of the world, then why is humanity still so locked into a world of war, bigotry, disease and turmoil? Proponents of ‘beyond positive thinking’ maintain that we must take that 2-4% of conscious thought and turn that into a much higher percentage. In other words, humanity must take responsibility for its actions, individually and collectively.

The question to be raised is what is the cause of all of our negative conditioning that result in all of humanity’s woes? Those on the Larry King show did not address this issue nor where they asked by the studio audience. One guest brought up genetic disposition as a minor issue but it was not seen to be the major culprit. Since this is an opinion piece I will offer my answer that is found in our new book, WAKING GOD.

For over 2,000 years humanity has been told that it is inherently evil, doomed and basically not worth the price of its chemical composition. The ‘greatly misinterpreted’ message of great prophets in both the East and West has been so twisted that humanity is of the belief that its existence is at the whim of some vengeful god that will probably destroy, again, all of its creation because it is essentially worthless. We have been told that we are in need of salvation because there is a great evil force in the world and that we are under the control of that evil force. If we are fortunate, and follow the rules of established churches and mosques, there is a slim chance that we may not burn for eternity for our woe begotten ways. And you ask why people do not believe they can create a new reality.

On my way to work I pass numerous churches that are adorned with marquees proclaiming the ways to salvation. The one I really enjoy says, “Jesus First, Others Second, and Yourself Last.” This is supposed to be a message of hope? When we are ingrained with the myth that we are to consider ourselves last, what hope is there that we have the power to transform society? If we cannot put our own house-life-in order, how can we possibly put the world back in order? Organized religions have lulled humanity into a false reality in which man has no control over his destiny. It is only by their good graces, so we are told, that we have any hope of happiness. We are told that if we are miserable, it is because we have angered god and we deserve what we get. We are also told that the only choice that we can make is to follow their dogma and pray that it is enough to escape the eternal fires of damnation. Is it any wonder that under this cloak of doom that man has a hard time taking control of his thoughts and utilizing the divine gift of creativity? We are sick because we have sinned. We are poor because we have sinned. We are at war because we have sinned. We are unhappy because we have sinned. We are out of work because we have sinned. The list is endless.

The guests on Larry King’s show said that the only blame that we can truly place upon ourselves for the status of our lives is ignorance. We are ignorant about our abilities and we are ignorant that the Universe has given us all the opportunity to change the world by changing the way we think. Part II of the CNN show with Mr. King will be on November 16th, 9:00pm EST. I hope that you will watch this show and take the step that goes “beyond positive thinking.”

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