387. Alternative READ:Tracking Deception – Bush Mid East Policy ~ William A. Cook ~ Dandelion Books ~ Non-ficton/political/current affairs

Title: Tracking Deception – Bush Mid-East Policy
Author: William A. Cook
Website of Author: http://www.drwilliamacook.com
Publisher: Dandelion Books
Website of Publisher: http://www.dandelionbooks.net
Genre: Non-ficton/political/current affairs
Publication date:Dec 2005
ISBN: 1-893302-83-0
Length: 367 pages
Format: Paperback

Tracking Deception – Bush Mid East Policy ~ William A. Cook ~ Dandelion Books ~ Non-ficton/political/current affairs

Tracking Deception ~ William A. Cook

Cook brings the brutal truth about the Bush Mid-East Policy to your door!

This is a complex book containing a stunning, and frankly, eye-opening amount of information about a hijacked American administration and its corporate allies who are greedily taking what they want from the middle-east and running roughshod over a beleaguered Palestinian people (amongst others).

I wouldn’t like to boast that I have a handle on the way America’s Middle East policy is being conducted in detail, but I thought I had a reasonable idea. This book has blown all that away. I was both fascinated and angered to discover the catalogue of horrors that have been and continue to be perpetrated by the Bush administration by their commitment to fund and support the violent repression of the Palestinian people by an ugly Israeli regime. I had no idea for example that Israel has flouted over one hundred UN resolutions and never been held to account. I had no idea that Ariel Sharon was such a barbaric character who has personally instigated many appalling crimes against the Palestinian people during his spell in the Israeli military and now is able to continue to do so from Government. I had no idea that Israel has had more American money pumped into it than any other nation in the world and by such a huge margin. It makes me wonder how in this day and age and with the technology we all have at our disposal, things like this can go on and the general public can be kept in virtual ignorance. Surely if the truth was laid before the American public in all its stark reality then the Bush regime would be dropped like a hot stone and would probably be called to account for their actions.

I was also very interested to read the author’s opinions on how religion is playing a big part in determining how the Bush administration behave and how exactly they justify their actions, and how very right-wing Christian evangelists are able to exert a massive influence over certain people in the Government. I think rather than try and explain this myself; I would prefer to quote the author as he sums it up better than I could.

From the author’s introduction to the book:

‘I look in vain for this Christ in the Christianity practiced by the right wing, fanatical sects that preach the Book of Revelation, reveling in the glory they perceive to be their reward if they destroy the enemies they identify as the enemies of God. I wonder where in this acclaimed Christian land of TV Evangelists and literalist ministers is there a man who acts as Christ would act? I see none. I see only a God forsaken Tele-Evangelist land of vitriol and bigotry where none could say I “love the Lord my God with my whole heart and mind and soul, and my neighbor as myself.” They have buried the teachings of Jesus in the quagmire of a malevolent and malicious God of the Old Testament, a God that would order one Semitic tribe to exterminate another. We have not moved beyond the racist hatred that blotted the landscape 2,500 years ago.’

It would appear from the well researched facts in Mr. Cook’s book, that far from the Palestinians/Iraqis being the terrorists in the middle-east it would appear that an American funded Israeli regime are by far the biggest terrorist organization this world has ever seen.

I applaud Mr. Cook for his courage in speaking out against these people. The ordinary honest American can not be blamed for not knowing these facts, as I found myself to be just as ignorant, as we are only exposed to what bland corporate controlled media wants us to see.

It is obvious that Mr. Cook has left no stone unturned is his quest for the truth and he certainly doesn’t shy away relaying these facts in concise and sometimes stark detail. This grim reading is occasionally broken with some lighter moments and I certainly enjoyed the ‘Agony of Colin Powell: A Dramatic Monologue in One Act’. I think this not only displays the author’s talent to convey a message but also shows he enjoys and is dedicated to what he does. Bringing the truth to the people in whatever form can only be a good thing. The world relies on people like Mr. Cook, who dedicate their lives to finding out the truth, and instead of just accepting it and shrugging their shoulders, get out there and do all in their power to bring it to the world’s attention. I would recommend that anyone who wants to know more about how the Bush Administration is really conducting business in the Middle-East, then they need look no further than this book.

About the Author

Dr. Cook traces his roots to the first Dr. William A. Cook, honorably discharged by General George Washington from the Revolutionary forces after six years of service. He, too, battled a despotic George, a madman of his day not unlike our own would-be Emperor, George W. It is in the blood to ensure that democracy is not denied or stolen.

Sassy Brit

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