381. Alternative READ: Strings of Connection: Book one in the Witches of America Stories

Title: Strings of Connection
Subtitle: Book one of the Witches in America Series
Author: Durk Simmons
Website of Author: http://www.myspace.com/durk_simmons
Publisher: AuthorHouse Publishing
Website of Publisher: http://www.authorhouse.com/
Genre: Fiction/Wicca/Children
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1425939392
Length: 244 pages
Format: Paperback
Series: Yes. Book one in the Witches of America Stories

Strings of Connection: Book one of the Witches in America Series ~ Durk Simmons ~ AuthorHouse ~ Fiction/Children

Strings of Connection is a fictional story about the discovery of a Pagan boy’s search for truth, which is shrouded with deadly secrets and unjust murder.

Strings of Connection ~ Durk Simmons

Hank tells his son, Kaleb, a story of how he was pulled by the Strings of Connection to search for the truth about what happened to his Pagan ancestors. As Hank reveals his story to Kaleb he learns how his father combated his fears, fought against prejudice, and discovered a whole new world he never knew existed.

This fictional tale of one boy’s quest for answers, progresses into a magical account of hidden family secrets, murder, and mystery. Using the strength he gains from his Pagan religion, the ‘powers that be’ draw Hank to the Dark Forrest to meet the powerful ancient ones. From there on, life it would seem, would never be the same again. Especially if the Sutter’s have anything to do with it.

Soon, Hank’s son, Kaleb, will delight in following his father’s footsteps, and it looks like fun is ahead as Kaleb plans on continuing his Pagan family tradition. And where else better to start book two, than with the formation of a new coven?

Durk Simmons has written a nicely rounded story suitable for children, young adults and big kids (like me). This is an enlightening discovery of one boy’s search for answers, and personal growth. Peppered with factual details, this fictional book is a treat for anyone interested in magick and mystery; even more so if you are a Pagan yourself – just because a Pagan story makes a refreshing change from the norm. This definitely needs to be picked up by a publisher, and with a little TLC Ms J.K. Rowling, could have a fair competitor on her hands… Everyone is talking about it. I’ve even seen it being discussed on Pagan sites, and as the book of the month in an online book club. It’s fitting with our ‘alternative’ theme and a good story to boot. What more could you ask for? Go check it out!

About the Author:

Durk lives with his beautiful wife and their 2 children on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where they all enjoy the religious freedom Wicca affords. Durk has researched and practiced Wicca for many years. He bartended on cruise ships before college where he majored in psychology, then flew Cobra helicopters for the US Army as a Warrant Officer (CW2). Additionally he has been a massage therapist and business stress manager for over 25 years, working closely with his clients of all religions. Having been down many religious paths, Durk wants to share some of his views of the oldest, the first human religion.

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