371. Alternative BOOK EXCERPT: Xylon Warriors III : Flames of Arousal~Ruth D. Kerce


TITLE: Xylon Warriors III: Flames of Arousal

AUTHOR: Ruth D. Kerce
AUTHOR UL: http://www.ruthkerce.com

GENRE: Futuristic Erotic Romance

RELEASE DATE: October 11, 2006
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
PUBLISHER URL: http://www.ellorascave.com

ISBN: 1-4199-0742-5


Xylon Warrior Kam Nextor must find Halah Shirota.

Halah lives by her own rules. She’s turned against her people and has been captured as a sex slave on the Sand Moon. Escape, without help, will be impossible.

Once considered an enemy to Xylon, Halah is now working independently. Her military knowledge is needed to help Kam destroy Marid’s weaponry system and save Xylon from annihilation.

While fighting their enemies, past feelings of distrust, and time that’s running out, they find renewed respect and an intense attraction for each other.

In the end, those emotions must be enough to save them…or everyone will perish.


The hatch whooshed open.

She jumped to her feet, her heart thudding painfully against her ribs.
How? Nobody should have been able to get that hatch open. Unless…

As soon as he stepped inside she recognized him. Tall. Muscular. Blond.
Light blue eyes. A Xylon Warrior–one with a special knowledge of operational
codes. “You…”

Kam Nextor, a trained Class 2 Warrior.

As a former Class 1, she possessed greater skills, but even so, she knew
to engage this man with caution. The intense look in his eyes set her
immediately on edge and she took a step backward. He wasn’t here to help her.
that she wanted or even expected his help. Kam had betrayed her months before,
almost gotten her killed, in fact. She’d never trust him again.

“Halah,” his voice rumbled. The hatch slid closed behind him, sealing
them in. “You survived.” A smile tugged at his lips.

When his gaze traveled slowly down her body, she felt her nipples harden
and her pussy began to throb. Damn her reaction to his presence. She didn’t
care how sexy the man was. “How did you find me?”

“I will always find you, Halah. No matter where you go.”

A shiver rushed down her spine. Suddenly the ship seemed much too small.

He stepped toward her.

She refused to retreat further and appear weak or frightened. He stopped, standing close, his six-foot-plus frame looming over her. She noted the respect reflected in his eyes and felt a sense of personal pride at standing her ground.

She’d helped Kam and two other Warriors steal highly classifiedinformation from Marid, the main moon of Xylon, held in control by Daegal and
the Egesa–Xylon’s chief enemies. Along with the information, they’d stolen a sample
of Daegal’s sterilization formula for study. Then she’d aided them in escaping
the Dome, Daegal’s underground headquarters, in exchange for the exact
location of her sister, who’d been kidnapped by the Egesa Slave Masters.

Xylon’s leader, Braden Koll, had promised her the information in
exchange for her help. However, other than telling her that Josella was last
seen on the Sand Moon–one of four Banishment Zones in the system, and the most
dangerous of the prison colony moons orbiting Xylon–they’d told her nothing

“You should have stayed away.” The memory of the Warriors’ betrayal
fueled her anger, and she reached forward to zap Kam. She wanted him out of
commission before he could hurt her again.

Undeterred by her offensive move, he grabbed her hand and twisted her
arm behind her back. “Stand down. I’m not here to fight you.”

She groaned in pain. How in hell had he done that? He should be writhing
on the deck right now. “Why are you here then?” she forced out, struggling
against his hold.

“You are my woman,” he rumbled in her ear. “My breeder-mate. I’ve come
to claim you.”

Breeder-mate? Was he crazy? Breeder-mates were destined, signs existed,
and Xylon’s Council needed to approve the match. He’d obviously lost his mind.
She tried to flip him over her shoulder, but he again countered her move.
Shit. Since leaving behind most of her training, she knew her skills had gotten
rusty, but still… No way could he outfight or outmaneuver her. “Let me go,
you asshole!”

“Temper, temper.” Crumpling her knees under her with a well-placed push
of his boot, he forced her down to the hard deck onto her stomach.

“What are you doing?” she ground out, kicking at him, but not connecting
with any force due to the angle of her body.

Using his greater weight, he held her in place. “Taking what’s fated as
mine.” He pulled at her clothing, trying to get her leggings past her hips.
Finally, he just ripped them off her.

“Kam! Have you lost your mind?” The man she knew would never treat a
woman like this. Sexual violence went against the Warrior Code. She looked over
her shoulder, trying to see into his eyes. “Kam, listen to me.” Her mind raced
as she realized what must be affecting him. “It’s the headaches. You have one
right now, don’t you? Don’t do this. This isn’t you.” She knew he suffered
from a biological imbalance due to his breeding.

Some time back, Dak had come across the information while doing research
and informed her of Kam’s specific condition. The resulting headaches he
suffered, untreated, caused him great pain and had to be the reason for his
actions. That’s the only thing that made sense to her.

“Quiet. You cannot deny me.” He opened the front of his sleek, black
uniform, and with his knees, he forced her thighs apart.

She felt the cabin air on her bare pussy. She couldn’t believe this was
happening. “Stop! I don’t accept you as my breeder-mate.”

A low chuckle drew her attention.

Her eyes snapped to the side. Another Class 2 Warrior! Pitch Pantera.
How had he gotten aboard? He hadn’t come in with Kam. The hatch hadn’t reopened,
and the ship was shielded against inter-transport capabilities.

Pitch’s uniform hung open. His hand stroked his cock. “Get ready, Halah”.

Ruth D. Kerce – http://www.ruthkerce.com
Newest Release: XYLON WARRIORS III: Flames of Arousal
available at EllorasCave.com

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