355. Alternative READ: The Language of Archetypes ~ Caroline Myss ~ Sounds True ~ Inspirational

Title: The Language of Archetypes
Author: Caroline Myss
Website of Author: http://www.carolinemyss.com
Publisher: Sounds True
Website of Publisher: http://www.soundstrue.com
Genre: Inspirational
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1-59179-353-X
Format: 11 curriculum CD’s

The Language of Archetypes ~ Caroline Myss ~ Sounds True ~ Inspirational

If it strikes a chord, you’ll know it’s one of your archetypes!

Caroline Myss’ first complete training course on how to identify and work with the eight major archetypal families includes:

The Survival Family:
four archetypes everyone is born with – child, prostitute, Saboteur and victim

The Feminine and Masculine Families:

restoring the natural balance of anima/animus within and around us.

The Divine Family:
from the Monk and the Nun to the Shaman and the Martyr, how to reconcile the forces that manage your “lessons of truth”.

The Wisdom Family:
how the Mystic, Sage, Seeker, and others reveal the choices that best support your personal empowerment.

The Healer Family:
the grace behind the passion to serve others.

The Creative Family:
from the Starving Artist and the Stateswoman to the Pioneer and the Prophet, meet your companions in the realm of creativity.

The Action Family:

building a “Spirit with Stamina” with the Hero, Rebel, and more.

The Wild Card Family:

how to access the deeper wisdom in the most misunderstood of the archetypes – the Addict, Vampire, Pirate, Femme Fatale, and many more.

I found learning the Symbolic Language of the Soul very interesting indeed. This whole course is devoted to discovering which of the twelve primary archetypes exist in your own human consciousness and how to understand them so that you can uncover your highest purpose in life – what Caroline Myss calls your “Sacred Contract”. To some, this may sound difficult, but I can assure you it’s not! All you need is an open mind and a willingness to find out how you can benefit from these teachings.

It’s an archetype library, if you will, in audio form, from which you will learn to understand and perceive symbolic coordinates (archetype patterns) and the distribution of Cosmic Power within your soul, not your personality. Have you ever met someone for the first time, and found an instant like or dislike to them? That’s an archetype instinct!

This is a detailed course, lasting twelve and a quarter hours, so I cannot explain everything in these few pages. Therefore, as an example of one of the archetypes I am going to choose ‘The Saboteur’ to talk about. This could show up as something as simple as a nagging voice telling you to do something, but the saboteur in you will ignore what is being said. It could also relate to feeling afraid of the consequences of becoming powerful, as this will change your world. Understanding each archetype you are connected to, can at times, Caroline warns, make you uncomfortable, especially where The Saboteur is concerned. This is what happens if you are making a conscious effort to notice when you’re sabotaging yourself. By managing your own behavioural boundaries, and doing something to change, you can beat the saboteur within you, and move forward in your life.

As always, I love the way Caroline has a great public speaking voice, and can both teach and entertain — just what you need for such a comprehensive course.

In addition, this gallery of archetypes comes in a large book-sized box with two beautiful gold folders encasing an eleven CD curriculum. The gold case depicts the sun, moon, stars and angels; an attractive feature many of the Sounds True CD’s possess. There is also a handy card with a list of each disc and their contents, so you can go straight to the disc you need when you need it.

At the end of the talk, after you have identified the archetypes you have within, you are also given ways of how to apply this information, in order to change the whole context of your life. If you are serious about discovering the ‘whys?’, what ‘motivates’ you and what your ‘agendas’ are, then I’d recommend this enlightening course for you.

Remember, if you identify with something in this course, it will strike a chord, and when that happens, you’ll know that is one of your archetypes!

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