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Title: Meditation in a New York Minute:
Subtitle: Super Calm for the Super Busy
Author: Mark Thornton
Profile of Author: http://soundstruestore.stores.yahoo.net/thorntonm.html
Publisher: SoundsTrue.com
Website of Publisher: http://www.soundstrue.com
Genre: Meditation /Alternative Healing
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1-59179-429-3
Length: 142 pages

Mediation in a New York Minute

Meditation in a New York Minute: Super Calm for the Super Busy ~ Mark Thornton ~ Soundstrue.com ~ Meditation/alternative Healing

Like that well know brand of larger, this book reaches parts that others don’t!

Before I start this review I must tell you I’m a fan of meditation, and this book is a blessing in disguise. It encouraged me to set aside time that didn’t include moments I usually need for something else. How? By learning simple techniques, and practising them for just a minute or two here and there, and using them where needed. Many of these techniques can be completed, anywhere and at anytime. And with nineteen techniques, I found it easy to choose those that worked better for me, without feeling restricted to sit still for long periods; time that super busy people like myself don’t have. Because of this I meditated more often, believing this approach to work for me where other meditation books haven’t!

As this book is geared towards creating Super Calm for the Super Busy, (and perhaps even the Super Sassy!) you won’t find any pages on the philosophy or theology of meditation. Although, I find these interesting subjects, I agree with the author’s choice of leaving them out, because in all honesty, if you are a Super Busy person you don’t have time for all that, and will want to get straight to the laws, secrets and ideas (the solution) for obtaining fast results.

I must stress these techniques are placed at the back of the book in the third section, but before you groan, or cheat and go straight to them, please make sure you read the first two parts of this book as they hold some worthwhile advice, and tips to try out as you go along.

I like the way the introduction, and the first two sections (The Journey and The Essentials) are set out with the information that includes all you need to know to practice with ease. This is followed by breaks where you can ‘Try This Now’, and a summary of what you have learnt at the end of each section. So, once you have read each section you can go straight to the summary for a quick reminder of what to do and the benefits that can be obtained. Dotted throughout the book there are also handy shaded areas, which include short stories to illustrate Mark Thornton’s point.

For the techniques, the layout is quick and easy to read. With subheadings about the background, benefits, technique, common problems and tips. Also included are ideas for doing some of the techniques at home, work, and for the beginner, intermediate and advanced. So you can work through each one, and find out those techniques which suit you most, and learn how to improve and change these techniques according to your ability as you progress.

Admittedly, at the end of the book, the “Ideal Day: Putting it all together” is just that, an ideal day, and it would probably take an advanced person to fit this all in, in practice. However, it shows many examples of how and when you can fit all the nineteen techniques into one day, should you get to that level, or just wish to see how it could be achieved.

Like I said, this worked for me. It’s a reasonably quick fix for a Busy Person, and in addition, it’s fun, and effective. I’m nowhere near the ‘ideal day’ but I can fit in more meditations than I used to and I’m proud of that — and the author for introducing me to such an easy, reliable method. All I can suggest is that you buy the book and try it. I really do think you might be pleasantly shocked at how easy it is to learn and fit in with your busy schedule!

Also at the back of this book is a certificate for a free live Meditation Intensive Training session (for two people) with Mark Thornton. Valued at $400.00, this complimentary admission lasts up to July 2007, and sounds too good to miss. Book now, as they say, to avoid disappointment!

About the Author:
Mark Thornton is the world’s first executive meditation coach. Trained as an investment banker, he was interim Chief Operating Officer for JP Morgan in London. A student and practitioner of meditation for more than twenty years, Mark Thornton has worked with more than thirty teachers in seven countries to find the best techniques for super busy people.

Sassy Brit
Owner and Reviewer

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