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New Book Genre Launched

Reader Interactive Books Debut

Lockport, NY. The world of books has a new player and advocate. An eclectic group of authors from all over the US and Canada have created a book genre, one that strives to reverse an alarming and precipitous decline in recreational reading and literacy. This week, in honor of International Literacy Day, the group is launching the second book in their critically acclaimed anthology series, Secrets, Fact or Fiction? II.

Reader Interactive books differ from any of those on market by inviting readers to join with the authors and with other readers in an entertaining and educational challenge. The Secrets, Fact or Fiction? short stories are about people and realistic situations rife with secrets. Some may be based in truth, some may not be. Readers are asked to guess which is which, entering their best guesses on a ballot in the back of the book. The winner will receive a signed copy of one of their novels from each of the authors, comprising a valuable prize pool.

Award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson is one of the contributors to this new book. Her story, is about a young reporter who has trouble understanding the prejudice that surrounds him. Fact or fiction?

Critics raved reviewing Secrets I, released in 2005. Results of the first year’s contest show the writers know their craft. They served up delicious short stories and hid the ball well on fact or fiction. Several of the stories were guessed incorrectly by 100% of readers. No one guessed True/False element of all of the stories correctly and a drawing was necessary to name a 2006 winner. Many readers took up the challenge individually, but the authors encourage groups and families to participate together in discussion and voting. Group examination and comparison of the stories present opportunities to open life-lesson issues and all reading vastly increases reading comprehension.

The official release date of Secrets II is September 8, 2006, International Literacy day. The authors have committed a significant portion of royalties and targeted direct sales to national and local literacy programs. The authors recently partnered with the National Center for Family Literacy, Louisville, KY, a premier group delivering literacy services to those at risk nationwide.

This new book concept was birthed out of shock when the National Endowment for the Arts reported that fewer than half of Americans read created works. Later surveys by the Department of Education and others show that rate is dropping rapidly. Editor Diane Newton, who formed this writing team, had this to say about the debut of the second book in the Secrets series. “Americans are drowning in the passive, mind-numbing, white noise of electronic media. Passivity is a 3rd millennium disease. Our publishing industry needs to address this issue by assessing and re-examining products. The written word is in dire need of champions, those who create cutting-edge works that lure in and hook new and returning readers.”

The Reader Interactive genre can be expanded to short story collections based on an endless list of themes such as Fear, Humor or Life at Work. The Secrets, Fact or Fiction? books are in national distribution, available on Amazon and at the writer’s website, http://www.secretsfactorfiction.com


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