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New contact details are now available!

Contact by Email
Review requests (from publishers, publicists and individual authors) should be sent to: alternative.read.review.requests@inbox.com

For single titles, you may also submit your book data via this submission form, but please don’t send the book straight away, as we may need to send it to one of our reviewers directly!

For all other enquiries, PR releases, reciprocal links (see below) and letters to the editor, please email:

Reciprocal Links
As part of our new publicity campaign, if you mention ‘Alternative-Read.com’ anywhere on your “book related” site, we will mention you, too – on our site/in our newsletter! Just email the link to Sassy.Brit@googlemail.com and let us know!

Please head your email “Reciprocal Link”. That’s all you need to do.

Reciprocal Banners
You are welcome to steal our ‘Alternative-Read.com’ banner for your own site – and in exchange, we will add your banner to ‘Alternative-Read.com’. This is a FREE and FAIR publicity exchange, and one that should be used as a great way to cross-promote each other, and our sites. Networking is the name of the game on the Internet – why not take advantage of it?

Just right click our banner (above)and save the picture to your computer – then make the whole picture a link – and link to one of these:
http://alternative-read.com or http://tjbook-list.blogspot.com

Please head your email Reciprocal Banner!

About Us

Joining readers and authors together, Alternative-Read.com is a British review site, a monthly web eZine, and daily blog all rolled into one.

Here you will find news, reviews, interviews, competitions and occasional rants and raves, too!

An_Alternative_Read Yahoo Group!

We also provide a Yahoo Group ‘Alternative-Read’ where readers and authors can get to know one another to find out what’s going on in the book world.

If you are a member of our yahoo group ‘An_Alternative_Read’ ezine and chat group (see below to join), then you are entitled to post your book successes, PR releases and other book news to the group, for FREE! If it’s book related, we will not consider it sp.am!

As an added book promotion, anything you post could be added to our review BLOG or in our newsletter! So please make sure we have permission to forward.

Look out for the exclusive group ONLY book giveaways!

Come and join us, whether you are an author, book lover, writer or just curious, we’re a friendly bunch.

Where to send the books

Once we have received your review request we will add your book(s) to our reviewers Yahoo group in the “database”. This database can be accessed by reviewers only, and from here they can pick the books they want to review. Then a review coordinator will contact you, and either ask for the PDF, or for the PRINT version to be sent to a specific email address/postal address.

We cannot guarantee all books will be chosen for review, or that all books will be enjoyed! However, we do pride ourselves in writing fair, but honest reviews – and in a professional manner.

Letters to the Editor

If you encounter any problems with our website, have any suggestions, queries or would like to help with this site in another capacity, please contact Sassy.Brit@googlemail.com

Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Comment to WIN?
Please click below on “EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTIONS” (on the blog) to leave a comment, or just say hello! Don’t forget this qualifies you to enter the current competition, too. Just let Sassy know which prize you want to WIN!
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