322. Alternative BOOK EXCERPT: Diva Diaries ~ Janine A. Morris

Chapter: Unfamiliar Territory

She stepped inside of his house, and instantly she felt awkward. She
knew that this was not a good idea, even through the disorientated
judgment caused by her alcohol intake, she still could sense the
wrong in her actions. If she was to go through with this, it would
be the end of all that she knew, her fidelity, her vows to Keith,
and her innocence. Keith was the only man Chrasey had ever been
with, he was all she knew sexually, and lately she didn’t know much
of him. She knew she had no business being there, and she knew she
should be ashamed of herself for even coming to his house. She also
knew that she wouldn’t have been there if Keith had been a better
husband to her, and catered to her needs and wants more. She knew
that Keith never paid her a bit of attention, and took advantage of
his belief that Chrasey would never stray. She also felt that Keith
too find was getting pleasure from outside of the marriage, while he
just let her suffer in silence. With mixed emotions about her
presence in Trevor’s house, for some reason she just went with the

He took her by her hand and walked her around his house. His had a
nice home, especially for it to be a bachelor pad. The living room
was painted dark gray with black leather furniture. His carpet was
both gray and black, with a beautiful silver coffee table right in
the middle of the floor. Of course hanging from his plasma
television was the wires to his play station two like most men. He
had expensive looking paintings on his living room walls, he had
professional pictures in frames on the mantle of himself, his
parents and his daughter. His dining room was spotless clean with a
nice dining set displayed in his china cabinet along with wedding
souvenirs and his daughter’s memorabilia. The kitchen was also well
kept, excluding some dishes in the sink.

The kitchen seemed to be his temporary destination, once inside he
pulled a bottle of champagne from the mini bar that he had well
stocked and took two flute glasses from the cabinet. As he set the
glasses down and opened the champagne, no words were exchanged.
Chrasey’s discomfort must have been obvious, because he asked. “Are
you OK?”

“I’m fine,” she replied.

“Listen, Chrasey, I understand if you aren’t. If you want to stay
and just sit and talk, I promise you we can do just that, and if you
want to go, I will take you home right now. I am perfectly fine with
whatever you want to do.”

It was clear all over Chrasey’s face how comforting she found
Trevor’s words.

“Thank you Trevor, but I’m fine … this is a little fast for me, and
I’m not 100% cool, but I can hang for a bit. Besides, I’m not
rushing home to someone.”

He handed Chrasey her glass of champagne.

“Well there is no pressure and no expectations on my part. As much
as I would love to make sweet love to you tonight, we can take this
whole thing as slow as possible.”

Chrasey just sipped on her Moet.

Keith walked out of the kitchen and towards the stairs leading
upstairs with Chrasey behind him to continue the rest of the house
tour. There were two guest bedrooms furnished and decorated. The
bathroom was a typical man’s bathroom with nothing in it, but a
shaver and some toiletries. That was the one room with no scheme or
interior design going on. Along the tour, Chrasey made comments and
gave compliments on his well kept house. She was also sure to tell
him “you forgot about the bathroom.”

“That’s the guest bathroom, my bathroom is a little better looking.”

“Well why you have your stuff all over the guest bathroom?”

“So that I don’t mess up mine as fast,” he replied.

They both laughed as they walked down the hall to the room that he
had strategically waited for last.

“Here it is, my master bedroom.”

Chrasey looked around the room and was pleased to see that it was
also just as clean and maintained. He had a king size bed, and two
night stands on each side. A 42″ inch television, with another game
system sitting below it along with a DVD player. On the wall was a
huge portrait of him and his daughter.

“She is a beautiful little girl,” Chrasey said.

“Thanks, that’s Daddy’s angel face.”

“It really sucks you and her mom couldn’t work it out for her sake.”

“Yeah, I guess… but we were young and we just outgrew one another.
Trust me we tried, sometimes it’s just nothing you can do.”

Chrasey didn’t comment, because she knew exactly what he meant. She
felt that way from time to time with Keith, they also had outgrown
each other. The difference was she was married with two kids, and it
wasn’t that easy to just walk away.

He picked up the remote and started to flick through channels.
Chrasey sat on the foot of the bed looking at the television as
well, both pretending that they were eagerly anticipating a good
program to watch. It was damn near 3 in the morning, and they both
knew what they were there in his bedroom for. Still they want the
motions to get everybody a little more comfortable.

He eventually landed on HBO, where Four Brothers was playing. “You
saw this before?” he asked.
“Good, me neither, and it just started like ten minutes ago..”

Trevor kicked off his shoes and pushed back to the middle of his
king size bed. He patted the area beside him telling Chrasey to do
the same, and that she did. She lay next to him with her head
resting on his chest propped up to see the television. About five
minutes into the show, way before either of them could have possibly
grasped what was going on with the movie so far, Trevor started to
caress Chrasey’s thigh. He slowly made circles up and down her thigh
as far he could reach.

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