304. Alternative READ: The Ultimate Brain 9 CD’S ~Tom Kenyon ~ Sounds True ~ Health/Healing/Music

Title: The Ultimate Brain
Author: Tom Kenyon, M.A.
Website of Author: http://www.tomkenyon.com
Publisher: Sounds True
Website of Publisher: http://www.soundstrue.com
Genre: Health / Healing / Music
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1-59179-448-X
Format: 9 CD’s (One a manual- each disc has intrustions included)

The Ultimate Brain ~ Tom Kenyon, M.A. ~ SoundsTrue.com ~ Health / Healing / Music

The Ulitmate Brain CD Collection

The Ultimate Brain is a potential life changing aid, and I’m very excited by this. By challenging the brain, we use it, not lose it!


• The Ultimate Brain User’s Guide: How to best use each of these programs for both immediate impact and long-term results. This includes details on the seven categories of brain states; Super-High Beta, K-Complex, High-Beta, Beta and Alpha, and the effects of the ‘magic window’ alpha (a relaxed state of awareness) and theta (vividly real activity) brain states. Tom Kenyon also talks about ‘The Three Brains’ and explains why The Ultimate Brain is so effective. In short, he uses a series of odd sounds, which can be heard in the background called Biopulse TM frequencies. There are also four kinds of Psychoacoustic tools in the Acoustic Brain Research library; two help build neurological networks, one helps in breaking free from psychological limitations, another acts as ambient support. I found Tom Kenyon’s user’s guide fascinating, and easy to understand, without having the need for any previous neuroscience knowledge! It also includes some powerful life-changing true stories that really excited me to listen to these CD’s correctly. In fact, I’m listening to them as I write this.

The first two CD’s build new neurological networks – one of the keys to increasing creativity, intelligence and wellness:

• Enhance Creative Problem Solving: Working in the mid-alpha, this program has been documented to significantly improve analytical abilities, problem solving, learning, and visualization skills. Includes describing the music, and sounds out loud, as it is important to hear the sound of your own voice to utilise the inner witness; a function of the higher cortical centres in your brain. This also helps in developing or increasing visualisation abilities, and useful for meditation. In short this increases intelligence, language ability, and measurable IQ.

• Mind Gymnastiks: (with a ‘K’) Guided sessions along multiple brainwave frequencies for actively exercising specific areas of the brain. This has to be my favourite. There are four tracks – the first paces the brain from very low delta to K-Complex – tuning up the brain to prepare for some very intensive work – exercising specific areas of the brain in order to think more clearly and be more creative, as a result of training.

• Freedom to Change: A theta brainwave program for breaking free from psychological limitations, including overcoming substance abuse, boosting self-esteem, and finding inner grounding. Freedom to change is based on the medical hypnosis state, in which it’s like a waking dream. The listener is told stories and metaphors to allow him or her to break free of any psychological limitations. This empowers the subconscious mind to overcome addictions, emotional pain, self-esteem grief and loss and even suicide risk etc, by assisting one to create a change in psychological patterns to help dissolve personal limitations we may hold on ourselves.

• Ambient Support for Working, Learning, and Creating: Background music to lower stress and induce an ideal mid-alpha state of focused alertness. This is an environmental programme that you put on low volume in the background, without headphones to teach you to learn to study or create without stress. I’ll often have this disc playing in the background when working, or cooking.

• Deep Rest: Take a quick trip through the eminently refreshing low delta to mid-alpha cycles with “The 24-Minute Nap,” “The 22-Minute Vacation,” and “Sweet Delta” for extended relaxation and is designed for those who for haven’t had enough sleep. With this you experience a multi-sensory experience of your fantasy vacation, necessary to act at our ultimate levels.

• Deep Relaxation and Healing: A gentle “brain massage” in the Theta range to help you dissolve tensions and drift into profound relaxation; Must be used with headphones, as you will enter an even deeper state of Theta.

• Opening the Heart: Based on an ancient mantra believed to be the “sound of the inner heart,” a moving, calming experience in the relaxing theta ranges. It uses the ancient mantra of the So Ham, believed by yogic tradition to be an inner sound of the heart chakra. It’s soothing and calming. Both the Deep Relaxation and Opening the heart increase data activity, lowering the heart rate, blood pressure and decreases the negative effect of stress.

• Activate the Holographic Mind: A potent aid to psycho-navigation through altered states, taking you into the deep Theta range of vivid dreams and visions. Especially designed for those who want to explore the deeper possibilities of Theta – creating complex geologies within your mind to ultimately have altered state of experiences – to go backward or forward into time, explore past memories, to enter into other realms of consciousness, and it’s a very powerful disc.

I love the idea of training my brain with these discs in order to increase my creativity and productivity, and I have been listening to most of these CD’s quite often, paying special attention to the Ambient Support disc to enhance learning, working and creating, and the Enhanced Creative Problem Solving and the Mind Gymnastiks disc.

Mind gymnastics is not a new thing, but the way this has been researched is both astounding and intriguing. Having the power to change using the latest technology of psychoacoustics is a fascinating premise. When these CD’s are listened to as much as possible, they have the ability create vast changes in your life. The programme can be used as and when you need them, too. For example, if you are feeling sleep deprived or feeling stressed then use the Deep Rest disc, and if you suffer from addictions, low self-esteem or depression, then the Freedom to Change disc is for you.

A lot of thought has also gone into the packing of this. Each of the nine discs come in a handy box, and both the CD and instruction booklets are colour coded, which helps, if like me, you like to ‘look with your hands’, make a mess and spread everything around you as if nesting.

For anyone interested in exercising specific areas of the brain in order to make life-changing improvements, then this is the way to go. It makes sense that one change can cascade and make many improvements, i.e. a change in movement can change serotonin levels, so think what a change in brain patterns can do. In summary The Ultimate Brain is a potential life changing aid, and I’m very excited by this. By challenging the brain, we use it, not lose it!

Sassy Note:

Has it worked for me? I need a little longer to judge that, but I will return and tell you my thoughts on this once I have listened to all the CD’s over a longer period of time, as Tom Kenyon recommends in order for The Ultimate Brain to have the desired effect. I did, however, feel I whizzed through this very long review and it suprised me how much I wrote in a very short space of time – maybe it’s already having an effect?


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