303. Alternative READ: The Model Man ~ Genie Davis ~ Kensington Books ~ Romantic Suspense

Title: The Model Man
Author: Genie Davis
Website of Author: http://www.geniedavis.com
Publisher: Kensington Books
Website of Publisher: http://www.kensingtonbooks.com
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-7977-X
Length: 316 pages
Format: Paperback

Model Man ~ Genie Davis

The Model Man ~ Genie Davis ~ Kensington Books
~ Romantic Suspense

Fake psychic finally meets her match!

Christy Harris has come to L.A. to make a name for herself as an actress, but she soon learns it’s not as easy as it sounds, and finds herself waiting on tables to make ends meet. Of course, she is not pleased with this either, so she uses her acting skills to get what she wants by conning people. Her latest trick is pretending she is a psychic, and it doesn’t take long for her to realise how easy it is to make money talking to the dead.

Together Christy and her best friend and partner in crime, Louie, think they have it all worked out, but to their horror, Christy is approached by Joe Richter, a sexy homicide detective with a Texan drawl. Joe asks her to help solve a murder case by supplying him with a psychic reading of the crime scene. Beside herself with worry, Christy thinks she will be discovered as a fraud and locked up, as she knows she cannot talk herself out of this formidable situation without looking suspicious. So she agrees to take one look around the murdered man’s house in the hope she can fob Joe off with enough information to keep him happy and send him on his way. However, there is definitely something going on between them; an unsaid mutual attraction Christy cannot ignore. To add to her dilemmas they are both unable to resist temptation, and a romance, based on lies, develops. A con artist and a cop — could that ever work out?

It soon becomes apparent Christy has become more deeply involved with a murder case than she ever intended, and her own life may be in danger, too. As events unravel she learns the murdered man is none other than the once successful male model, Ricky Littlejohn, and suspects Joe has more to do with this case than he first told her.

Will their relationship ever survive this shocking news? Has Christy finally met her match – in more ways than she bargained for? Could Joe, who expresses his undying love for her, actually be lying as much as she?

I found this book to be witty, entertaining, strong on characterisation and skilfully entwined with a great plot. A smashing read. The fact that this is written in first person, which by now you should know I adore, only adds to enhance this well written story.

My only nit was the pace towards the end ‘dipped’ a bit, although not enough to distract me from the deliciously hot romance Christy and Joe shared. I can’t tell you how the book ends, but I will say that the inevitable twist took me by surprise. All in all Christy and Louie’s characters made me laugh out loud, and sexy Joe really has got it going on! This is one of those books, which entices you to read another one by the same author. Luckily for me I also have ‘The Cowboy’ in my ‘to be read’ pile, where Genie Davis is writing erotica under the pseudonym Nikki Alton with other Kensington authors. Can’t wait!

If you are going on holiday The Model Man will make a great choice for a romantic, mystery beach read!

About the Author:

Genie Davis just plain loves to write, and she’s amassed a large body of work in the seven years she’s been working professionally.

Her romantic suspense novel The Model Man is her first with Kensington/Zebra. In this wildly entertaining story, LA psychic con-artist Christy Harris meets her match in homicide detective Joe Richter, but is true love really in the cards? Separating truth from fiction becomes increasingly difficult for Christy, in a town where
illusion is often more convincing than reality.

Booklist says Davis’ romantic suspense THE MODEL MAN is truly a find. The protagonists are interesting; their love affair is convincing; Christy’s best friend, Louie, is a delight; and the well-crafted mystery is as entertaining as one of Stephen J. Cannell’s television shows.

More romantic suspense is coming in December 2006, with Five O’Clock Shadow also from Kensington/Zebra. Jessie Adams is a D.J. making a run for local political office to help save her best friend’s music club, and embarking on an intense affair with Frank, a cop with his own cause. If their passionate involvement isn’t wild enough, what about the stranger threatening her life and trying to force her out of politics?
When your life depends on surviving both love and a political campaign, winning is only half the battle.

And, written under the name Nikki Alton, in July 2006 you’ll see the publication of the erotic romance Rodeo Rider, part of Kensington/Aphrodesia’s The Cowboy collection.

Genie’s noir Dreamtown was published by a small press in 2001, and is still guaranteed to have readers getting out their handkerchiefs.

A produced screen and television writer, Genie’s work spans a variety of genres from supernatural thriller to romantic drama, action, family, teen, and comedy.

She’s written on staff for ABC-TV’s Port Charles; written, produced, and directed reality programming and documentaries for The Learning Channel, PBS, and HGTV, as well as numerous television commercials and corporate videos, the independent film, Losing Hope, and projects for Wes Craven Films, Smith Hemion Productions, and Wild at Heart.

Genie grew up in Maryland, but considers herself a California native now. She’s married with two children whom she views as the most fascinating persons on the planet. When she’s not writing, she likes to take road trips.

You can read about a few of them at
http://www.synergise.com/tales/articles.php. First up: Driving through the American West, release date February 26, 2006.

And she has a short story, New Year’s Eve, up at the new Houghton Mifflin web-zine:

She’s also excited to be selected as an Amazon Shorts author. Her noir short story The Girl and the Gun is the first selection. It is linked through her novels and sold exclusively on Amazon as part of a new
program on the web giant’s site.


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