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Title: The Reiki Touch
Author: William Lee Rand
Website of Author: http://www.reiki.org
Publisher: Soundstrue.com
Website of Publisher: http://www.soundstrue.com
Genre: Health / Alternative Healing
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 1-59179-370-X
Length of Book: 102 pages
Format: Spiral bound workbook, 2 Audio CD’s, DVD Video and Instruction cards

The Reiki Touch ~ William Lee Rand ~ Soundstrue.com ~ Health / Alternative Healing

They say:

This kit contains all new material not available in William’s previous books, CD’s or tapes.

Our Comments:

This kit has been tested out by students of our Reiki School ~ http://www.reiki-school.net. We all agreed it was very useful as a teaching aid.


We found this DVD peaceful and calming with clear instructions. Students’ attention was held by the content, which was well presented with appropriate background music that was non-intrusive.

During this DVD William Lee Rand stated the following affirmation, which students found particularly useful; “You are very deeply healed”. They felt they could repeat this affirmation to themselves while doing self-healing, substituting “You are” with “I am”.

This hour long DVD contains five chapters covering:

Hand positions for treating others ~ a training and demonstration session.

Hand positions for self-treatment
~ a training session for giving yourself Reiki treatment.

Byosen Scanning ~ a training session, which shows how to find areas in need of Reiki by using the palms of the hands in the person’s energy field.

Gyoshi Ho ~ a training session showing how to give Reiki through the eyes.

Reiki Healing Session ~ The author sends Reiki to the viewer by beaming with his eyes and hands.


Of the two CD’s included, one contained three guided Reiki meditations to strengthen and develop the use of our Reiki energy. The second CD contains soothing music ideally suited for Reiki treatments.

Students felt the meditation CD was useful when studying Reiki 1 and also Reiki 2 levels.

Reiki cards

These 30 illustrated cards may be used as a divination tool to help you discover which hand positions, symbols or techniques would be appropriate to solve a particular issue.

Students felt these cards were useful when either treating both the self or others. One Reiki teacher, whose husband was suffering with unexplained back pain, shuffled the cards and picked 2 cards intuitively. She chose:

Position 12:
Place your hands on the lower back over the sacrum

Position 10:
Place your hands near the top of the pubic bone,

Which she then used in her husband’s treatment, noticing he benefited greatly from these hand positions, and pain relief was achieved.

We liked the feel of the cards, which are well-made. The only negative comment we felt was that the 6 cards contained written short descriptions of Reiki symbols, which we felt would not be understood by Reiki 1 students who had not covered these yet in their training.

Spiral Bound Workbook

This 102 page workbook, which includes several pages in the back for making notes, contains informative and interesting material meant as a training aid for Reiki students who have received at least a Reiki 1 attunement.

This book is easy to read and the case studies included made it of interest to both beginners and more advanced students.

In particular there is a section on page 63 about “Treating Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, Dyslexia and More” which one student whose son had suffered a stroke following a series accident found particularly beneficial to refer to when giving a treatment.

It was felt, however, it would have been useful to have an index at the back of this workbook, but this did not detract from the rest of this excellent publication.

All-round view

The Reiki Touch is presented in lovely packaging, where all the contents can be neatly stored together and therefore easily accessed when needed.

Our students, and myself, were very impressed by the way the material has been presented and will definitely continue using it as a teaching aid.

Some students have already decided to purchase this kit as a resource for themselves.

Please click on the above title link to go to the ‘BUY NOW’ page on the SoundsTrue.com website, for more information.


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