295. Alternative COMP: Updated Comp Rules

***N.B. Rules have been updated slightly. Please read.

There are 4 ways to enter the ‘alternative-read.com’ competitions!

In all cases you must mention the book title you would like to win. This means you have to keep coming back for each new competition!

Mention your interest in winning by:

1. Signing my guestbook
2. Entering a comment here on the blog!
3. Joining the Yahoo group ‘An_Alternative_Read’ (before each comp closing date). Or join ready for the next one.
5. Subscribing to our Newsletter ONLY and email me with the title of the book/product you are interested in winning, otherwise I won’t know that you are interested in winning. (Please see the sign up box on the right of the main blog and on the front page of the ‘alternative-read.com’ main website).

I’m sorry to repeat myself, but I must stress that in all cases you must let me know which title you are interested in winning! So I can put the names into a hat and select a winner!



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