(28th July) Author Blog Hop! Can you think of a better title for this book?

Today’s question is also a giveaway: Thursday, July 14th 2011:
QUESTION: After reading the blurb and excerpts, how would you rename the book My Life as a Dog

PRIZE: The winning entry will receive a braided ribbon tether book marker with a miniature book cover charm. From our SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR MIKE ARSUAGA  

 A recent reviewer of “My Life as a Dog” faulted the title and cover while praising the content as follows:

” …it saddens me that people may not have a chance to experience it; because the cover or title might put them off.”

“True there are funny moments in the story but this is an erotic mystery with elements of the detective genre of old.  At least that’s what my brain kept flashing back to and that’s due in part to Drake’s ‘voice’ and persona.   Does “My Life…” deserve its erotic tag?  You bet your life it does.  The heat level and sex between Drake and Kady is graphically detailed by the authors.  This is hot stuff!  This sexuality, combined with Drake’s absolute devotion to Kady, surprise revelations, and the suspense of the unknown while trying to stay alive, will hook you.   There are intense and believable emotions in this story, especially shown by Drake.” 
{Permission to reproduce part of the review given by Mike Arsuaga} 

Click the link below for the blurb:

Excerpt: http://mikearsuaga.weebly.com/chapter-14.html

For anyone who doesn’t wish to take part in the contest here’s a different question: Please can you share with us an example of a contest you had to promote your work, or one you entered and really enjoyed. 
If you wish you can answer both questions!


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