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Title: Self-Esteem
Author: Caroline Myss
Website of Author: http://www.myss.com/
Publisher: Sounds True
Website of Publisher: http://www.soundstrue.com
Genre: Alternative Healing/Spirituality
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 1-59179-034-4
Length: Almost 5 hours
Format: 4 CDs

Self-Esteem ~ Caroline Myss ~ ~ SoundsTrue.com ~ Alternative Healing/Spirituality

“… the actual journey of self-esteem is about your ability to take charge of your spirit, and earning respect of yourself, not others. ”

If you are searching for inspirational answers to increasing self-esteem, Caroline Myss is an expert in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, and a positive role model to learn from. Her truthfulness often made me laugh out loud; as she talked about subjects I could connect to, with a down-to-earth flamboyance I felt I could trust; a feeling which is very important if you want to succeed.

In this recorded seminar she shares her expertise with enthusiasm and wit and from her tone of voice I could easily imagine being in the audience, seeing how her knowledge excites her. Casting a new light on this often misunderstood subject, Caroline Myss redefines self-esteem as an actual ‘core power’, and with her assistance, and time to practice, what you learn from this course has the power to make astounding changes within your daily life. ‘Having the courage to listen’, ‘The Power of Choice’, and matters of the heart, health and finances are all covered. Also introduced are visualisation exercises to assist the reconstruction of the self, and information on how to use the crystal field technique to create boundaries beneficial to improving your ‘core power’.

Other subjects included are shopping for self-esteem, and how to avoid the pitfalls of buying clothes for the wrong reasons. Caroline Myss talks about making yourself accountable by being silently empowered, and how our need to be recognised (especially in relationships) changes our behaviour. To make the necessary alterations we first need to understand that we are capable of surviving on our own, and caring for ourselves. As you can tell, I think Ms Myss explains how to tackle these points very well, and I have learnt a lot, too.

We take a look at developing the self and learn how to identify boundaries we put upon ourselves, which include certain behavioural patterns, such as people destroying others to compensate for their own fears. Caroline Myss recommends asking yourself questions that are relevant to you in your life, in order to identify whose approval you need and why this matters to you.

“Giving yourself permission to monitor your own private agenda and not that of other peoples.”

By starting small, Caroline encourages you to make one small decision by the end of the day. After thinking of one area in your life you would like to change, she asks you to empower yourself by promising to commit to this decision once a day. Although simple, this is very powerful and will immediately make yourself feel better about the choices you make. Of course, I can’t give away all her secrets of success; these are only a few examples of what is in store for you!

Session three is all about how to become the self you want to be by looking at what and who takes power from you; how to stop fighting for your life by controlling relationships, and what it means honestly say what you don’t like about yourself, who intimidates you and how you would like to change. Ms Myss also broaches the subject of how the media makes money from our low self-esteem. Whether male or female we are targeted by advertising companies who market their products based on our need to be recognised, and fit in with today’s modern ‘got-to-have-it-all-and-have-a-model-perfect-body’ society.

To overcome the trauma of losing your power to someone else who is controlling you, I personally recommend Caroline’s grounding exercises. Throughout this whole course, I found her teachings invaluable. It’s clear she understands what you want, and how to help you achieve your goal. Visualisation and meditation techniques are also discussed with the idea of creating boundaries for protection from the negativity of others. What’s more, is that these ideas make sense, and are easy steps to follow.

At first I thought four discs on self-esteem would be too long to sit still, however, Ms Myss kept me interested, and keen to learn more. Five hours have never passed so fast! Increasing your self-esteem is obviously not going to happen overnight, as it involves changing the way you think and act and some behaviours may have been ingrained in your personality over a number of years. However, with Caroline Myss’ professional encouragement, and plenty of practice of your own, I can easily see these changes are not only attainable, but worthwhile. Without a doubt, this exciting CD collection will produce the results you need to create powerful changes in your life, with the energy of your own self-esteem. All you need is this course and the willingness to change.

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About the Author:

Caroline Myss is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She holds degrees in journalism, theology, and intuition and energy medicine. Over the past decade, her work with Norman Shealy, M.D., a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, has helped define how stress and emotion contribute to the formation of disease.


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