284. Alternative READ: Make It Happen; Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals~Linda Pynaker

Title: Make It Happen; Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals
Author: Linda Pynaker
Website of Author and Publisher: http://www.lindapynaker.com
Genre: Self Help, Spiritual, Inspirational
Publication date: January 2005
ISBN: 0-9760933-0-8
Length: 202 pages
Format: Paperback

Make It Happen; Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals ~ Linda Pynaker ~

An engagingly personal read!

Have you ever wondered how to attract positive things into your life, or to develop your spirituality, but not known where to start? Do you feel you’re not enjoying all aspects of your life because you haven’t got the time? Well, Linda Pynaker, author of Make it Happen; Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals, can assist you in changing, so all the above can become attainable, with practice. From the first chapter, ‘Develop Your Spirituality’, Ms Pynaker explains how to tap into your intuition and correct the balance between work, leisure time and relationships with ourselves and others. This creates positive spirals; part of the Universal energy available from Mother Nature. Benefits of using positive healing can be developed by simply taking time to enjoy nature, beauty and the peacefulness of the outdoors. You don’t have to be a psychic to do this.

Make It Happen is a book which really gets under the skin and encourages participation. It’s also a pleasant mixture of the author’s own experiences, and other like-minded contributors, which offer insightful messages within. I felt I really got to know the author, as she revealed how she developed as a healer, learned Reiki and took on clairvoyant training, which strengthened her ability to communicate with the spirits. The stories are honest, motivating, and at times, engagingly personal.

Ms Pynaker covered several motivating topics such as ‘Soul Development’, ‘Intuition and Synchronicity’ and how to get to know your inner child to free up receptivity to messages from your guides. In addition there are sections about the use of Merkaba Mandalas and Labyrinths to enhance an environment conducive to finding the answers you need.

Other related subjects include the remunerations of pendulums, creating the right energies with colours, auras, chakras and meditation. I found the technique of focusing on the positive, using gratitude and forgiveness rituals during daily routine to enhance positive healing, helpful, too.

Ms Pynaker will assist you in organising your life for the better by asking you to take an truthful look at the different areas in your life, (career, home, relationships, leisure time, financial matters and discovering your soul) with an uplifting approach. By the time you get to chapter nine, ‘Get Yourself Ready for Big Things to Happen’ you’ll have more idea of your strengths, and feeling more positive about pursuing goals that are compatible with your personality.

The final chapter ‘Make It Happen!’ emphasises the need to be constantly aware of your plans by re-evaluating your life’s goals to help you keep on track during these busy times, and not only that, but to be proud of the changes. After all, doing something different is the only way change will happen.

I would recommend this book to anyone searching for positive inspiration, information on spiritualism, positive thinking, and opening up to new possibilities. As Ms Pynaker says,

“All it takes is to believe in yourself and your dreams. The more you practice the easier it is, and the more rewarding your life will become.”

About the author:

Intuitive as a child, Linda Pynaker became an accomplished psychic medium and healer following miraculous recovery during a paragliding mid-air collision in the mountains of California. Linda has remarkable ability to connect with loved ones that have passed on and provides clear evidence that they remain present in our lives.

Author of Time to Heal, Linda has appeared on radio and television and is a vibrant international speaker.

Linda has a Masters Degree in Social Work: Clinical Practice Specialization and fourteen years experience in family counselling. Born and raised in Canada, she has resided in San Diego since September, 2000.


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