279. Alternative NEWS: Watch out!

Guess what I’ve just found. In my early morning fuzzy haze I typed in my own blog address, only I made an error and transposed two letters and came up with this: tjbook-list.blogpsot.com (You’d hardly notice the difference, right?)

The fact that it’s almost identical to my address, makes me think this is no mistake or coincidence of any sort. I wonder how many other blogs have been purposely copied, and in such a clever, (but annoying) way?

Perhaps you should have a go at typing out your own blog address with these two letters transposed. I’d bet my laptop, I will not be the only one this has happened to!


And it’s a hard-core religious site, of all things.

By the way, I haven’t supplied the link in full because I do not entirely trust this site to be SAFE! I have downloaded great ad and script filters on my laptop for secure internet surfing, after my recent computer problems, but anyone not protected enough, could be asking for trouble. And the content is pretty dodgy, too.

It says the bible is completely true, but to be honest you can read anything into what has been written and make it up as you go along, to fit your own ideals.

I used to do this myself, when I was vegetarian. LOL. I forget where it is, but somewhere in the bible it does say we should all me meat free. The only problem is, somewhere else, you can also find plenty of examples in favour of eating meat. If you want to prove a point, you can make anything fit!

Considering the word virgin (as in the virgin Mary) was only used because of a translation error, I have serious doubts the bible is actually of any value, other than to keep us all in order…

Watch out! The blog snatchers are about.



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