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Tim Field has died aged 53 from cancer.

Tim, a quietly spiritual man became a world expert on the psychiatric injuries from bullying because in 1994 after 20 years working in industry he suffered a breakdown from work place harassment.

His recovery meant in 1997 he published the groundbreaking book, “Bully in sight”.

This signalled a landslide in British cultural change, and was re-published in 30 countries.

In 1998 Tim published David Kinchins book on Post Traumatic Stress disorder, “The invisible injury” and in 2001 co-authored with Neil Marr, “Bullycide, death at playtime” an expose of child suicide from bullying.

Tim had a vision of a bully free world, and he campaigned tirelessly in schools, higher education and the workplace to achieve this goal.

His website was deluged with bullying and harassment cases from all over the country, often with conflict and violence, the 5000 cases he worked on personally make truly awful reading.

The current British media hubbub over youngsters carrying knives, does not ask the question, why do they feel this need?

And the answer is wide spread bullying and intimidation, often dismissed as “peer pressure”.

Children as young as 6 are trained in karate boxing and judo, and do not have the mental maturity and balance to have these skills.

A recent study by police outside pubs at closing time in the chav capital of Britain, kings Lynn, says every style of martial arts was drunkenly displayed in the many fracas at closing time, unbelievably, many police stations are closed at night.

So should we extend the ban from knives to cover martial arts training?

Many think we should.

Recognition of Tim Field’s work meant eventual policy changes from the C.B.I
Confederation of British Industry) but with little acknowledgement from trade unions and government.

The government policy of “Crown immunity” meant that no one was responsible for the appalling series of deaths at Deepcut Barracks,

And the findings of Prof. Cary Cooper of Manchester Uni, of entrenched managerial institutional racial and sexual harassment at Britain’s Royal Mail, again no managers were held responsible, and in a similar case at the Royal Mint, a worker forced to work with condemned equipment was killed when it toppled over on him.

Whistleblowers on harassment, at government institutions such as the N.H.S, Royal mail, Prisons, railways and schools were silenced and sacked.

(Look up Dr. Andrew Wakefield )

Norfolk farmer Tony Martin, abandoned by the police, was forced to guard his own property, shot and killed a burglar in the dark, he given a long prison sentence, yet a police team followed and shot 7 times in the head, while an unarmed Brazillian lad, told an incredible pack of lies about it and no one is deemed responsible because of “Crown Immunity”.

Many see a linkage between youngsters “taxing” children in the playground for their dinner money, as a microcosm of the national leader who decides to tax another nation for their oil deposits, we may put on trial such leaders as Saddham Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes, yet Blair Bush and Sharon go free, having done the same.

Many countries see this as, “victors justice”.

We are told all peoples are equal under British law, but casualties in Iraq do not count, only British and American numbers are important. Now that’s real government racism, which caused the recent Asian riots in Britain an France.

Crown immunity should go the way of the Dodo, no one should be above the law in the Britain of 2006, for we truly are in the global community,

We are all our brothers keeper.

We owe Tim Field a great debt, Tim moved mountains, yet there is still a way to go,

His work on bullies is carried on by such organisations as the Andrea Adams trust.

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