267. Alternative READ: Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind ~ Dr. Michael D. Preston

Title: Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind
Author: Dr. Michael D. Preston
Publisher: Tiger Maple Press
Website of Publisher: http://www.dandelionbooks.net/aboutus.php
Genre: Alternative Healing/Psychology
Publication date: September 2005
ISBN: 0-963294-75-X
Length: 335 pages
Format: Paperback


Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind ~ Dr. Michael D. Preston
~ Tiger Maple Press ~ Alternative Healing/Psychology

Nothing is ‘forgotten’. It is our ability to access the information that is impeded.

Hypnosis (like any other science) is shrouded in mystery and superstition, even though it has been around since the beginning of mankind. When asked to define what hypnosis is, you may hear people say; a splitting of the consciousness, an altered state of mind, a sleep induced trance, a semi-aware state, or even a disease. However, as I see it, hypnosis is based on discovering and then dealing with the apparent cause of the symptom, as apposed to conventional medicine that only deals with the direct removal of the symptom itself. With hypnosis a patient can be treated to diminish anxieties and negative thoughts hidden deep within the subconscious, hence treating any unwanted disruptive, emotional disorders or responses through the power of suggestion.

The first three chapters cover the history, the definition and why hypnosis works. I particularly enjoyed reading the fourth chapter where we delve deeper into the mechanics of ‘The Brain’, its various subsections, their respective locations and functions.

I found ‘Stress and Overactivity’ (chapter five) truly enlightening when Dr. Preston explained how negative thoughts and attitudes create a negative overreaction, which is channelled into the brain’s computer data bank (the memory) and the body begins a deterioration process long before the disease manifests itself. Therefore, a change of attitude is vital for an increase in the quality of like and in some cases – survival.

Using this manual, you will learn useful techniques, such as avoiding making direct requests for change, while emphasising some other aspect of the event; first focusing on the understanding that the initial event should be seen as one small incident in the subject’s entire life. Also, it is interesting to note how to classify patients through their responses under hypnosis, the correct use and terminology, and how using the word ’cause’ will trigger a belief and acceptance required by the individual who has come to a hypnotist expecting results. I especially liked the ‘library technique’ as a process to assist the hypnotist as he/she regresses their client back to a particular time in their childhood.

In chapter eight, Dr. Preston covers the ‘induction’ process; eye closure, relaxation and developed concentration, and ‘suggestibility tests’. Further chapters include; developing the immune system, age regression, treatment for drugs and alcohol, special treatments and finally (chapter sixteen) self-hypnosis.

Throughout this manual are step-by-step procedures and techniques, useful suggestions and snippets of Dr. Preston’s personal experiences. It is evident Dr. Preston knows his subject matter as he displays a broad knowledge of hypnotherapy, and detailed walk-throughs for those just starting out, right through to intermediate and advanced practitioners who can incorporate these techniques into their own therapy sessions. There are pages of relaxation tips (written out in full) that can be used as the basis of your therapy, or as an additional source of inspiration. To aid your study further, you can also listen to Dr. Preston’s videos and cassettes, increasing your knowledge, and ultimately your own success in treating your client’s needs. Details can be found in the back of this book or by clicking on the above ‘buy now’ link.

I feel I have learnt a lot from this book, as the author writes extremely well for all levels. Although this is not the first book I have read on this subject, it does appear to be the most concise, informative and thought provoking. Written with the intention to be used as an academic textbook, I can easily see this being placed on the therapist’s shelf for quick reference. It’s a thoroughly engrossing read, which I believe is down to the author’s natural ability to write about this complex subject in an easy to understand manner, without treating you as an idiot or someone who is already qualified!

I recommend this book to all those interested in making a difference in someone else’s life, whether you are a practicing professional, or just learning this field of expertise. I may not be a qualified hypnotist, but it’s easy to tell this is a comprehensive manual you will refer to many times in your career.


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