264. Alternative READ: The Psychic’s Guide: Vol.1 ~ Sabine Blais


Title: The Psychic’s Guide, Volume One
Subtitle: An Introduction to Psychic Development
Author: Sabine Blais
Website of Author: http://www.gentlegiantrunes.com
Publisher: Book Coach Press, Canada
Website of Publisher: http://www.bookcoachpress.com/
Genre: Spirituality/New Age
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 0-9735207-8-7
Length: 216 pages
Format: Paperback, 6 x9 inches, B&W illustrations
Additions: Card and Rune meanings, mini-biographies,
glossary of terms, appendices.

The Psychic’s Guide, Volume One: An Introduction to Psychic Development ~ Sabine Blais ~ Book Coach Press ~ Spirituality / New Age

Increase your psychic knowledge through academic learning without leaving home!

If you’ve ever had a psychic experience that you cannot explain, or you would like to learn how to develop your sixth sense, then this book is an academic manual written with you in mind.

Used as a text book for teachers to train students, this introduction to psychic development will raise your psychic awareness and increase your psychic potential. Divided into two parts, the first deals with developing an understanding of what it means to be psychic, how to listen to your own intuition and how to harness the powers that lie dormant within all of us.

The second part is actually the Beginners Level Psychic, or Psychic Level 1 course, as written by the author, Sabine Blais, through her other company, Spiritus School of Psychic Training and is used in her workshops. Chapters incorporate a fresh look into spirituality, Light and awareness with encouraging clarity.

This enlightening edition contains additional summaries, a glossary of words and a bibliography of highly recommended titles for extended learning. Brief (but concise) introductions and helpful illustrations show you how to use various psychic methods such as playing cards, Runes, Tarot cards, the I-Ching, basic palmistry and the pendulum. Also, an introduction to psychometry makes this a comprehensive and valuable set of tools that can be used to stimulate and exercise your intuition.

This whole book has been channelled through the author’s guide, and presents the beginner, or those who want to brush up on their knowledge, with eight useful sections. From understanding “What is a psychic?” to “Prayer, Introduction to Spirit Guides and Angels” where you will learn about the benefits of praying, different Orders of spirits, and guardian angels. I felt this manual had been meticulously planned with the beginner reader in mind, and will no doubt ease the process to further study, once completed.

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