260. Alternative PRESS RELEASE: My Life is All I Have ~ V Anthony Rivers

My Life is All I Have by V. Anthony Rivers, the New Intoxicating Story
of Unconditional Love with Staggering Consequences

For the past five years, California based writer, V. Anthony Rivers,
has published true-to-life stories that depict his deep understanding
of people and the idiosyncrasies of life. Now in his latest novel, My
Life Is All I Have (Strebor Books International, March 2006,
Paperback, $13.00) Rivers takes readers on a vivid journey into the
life of an angry and defensive young woman who makes decisions to
change her life at all cost. These decisions bring consequences that
ultimately affect her and the lives of those closest to her.

Leesha Tyler wants out of “The Jungle,” a Los Angeles neighborhood
known for its crime, poverty, and rampant drug and gang activity. With
the death of the only person whose unconditional love gave her hope,
Leesha is left alone with her estranged mother and her mother’s
trifling live-in boyfriend. The only two people who make life bearable
in “The Jungle” are Scottie and Trey. Even her close relationship and
feelings for them, do not take away the pain and feelings of
inadequacies that plague her daily. As her relationship with her
mother deteriorates and other untimely events occur, anger and
desperation to be free of everything and everyone in “The Jungle”
fuels her. It seems the only thing holding her back from freedom is
money; she needs lots of it as quickly as possible. It will be her
chance encounter with a guard in front of a bank that puts in motion
her plan to commit armed robbery. The consequences of this plan are
surprising and will change the course of her life towards what she
want most of all – freedom.

Published by Zane’s Strebor Books International, My Life Is All I
Have, told in raw first-person is filled with the kind of empathy, and
pathos readers will have for someone like Leesha Tyler and recognize
most about communities and places like “The Jungle.” This story is an
exact blend of contemporary fiction and street-lit flair that is sure
to solidify V. Anthony Rivers’ reputation as a rising star to watch
for in the world of contemporary African American literature.

About the Author
V. Anthony Rivers is the author of Daughter By Spirit and Everybody
Got Issues. He has also contributed to various anthologies including:
Sistergirls.com, Chocolate Flava, Truth Be Told and the forthcoming,
Love Is Never Painless, a collection of novellas edited by Zane. A
native of Los Angeles, California, he currently resides in Van Nuys,
Ca. Mr. Rivers is available for online events, interviews, and book
discussion conference calls. To learn more about him and his writings,
visit him online at http://www.vanthonyrivers.com

My Life Is All I Have is available nationwide where books are sold!

V. Anthony Rivers
Strebor Books, March 2006
$13.00, ISBN: 1593090579


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