254. Alternative READ:Planet of Pain ~ B.A. Bradbury ~ Erotica ~ Chimera Publishing

Title: Planet of Pain
Author: B.A. Bradbury
Publisher: Chimera Publishing
Publisher’s Website: http://www.chimera-online.co.uk
Genre: Erotic / Fantasy
Publication date: June 2005
ISBN: 1903931746
Length: 230 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook

Planet of Pain ~ B.A. Bradbury ~ Chimera Publishing ~ Erotic / Fantasy Romance

Set in space, this fantasy, futuristic erotic story finds Lieutenant Josephine O’Donnell (Jo) and Captain Isabel Franklin (Bel) trying to escape the Solar League’s Annihilator class starship’s firing range. Knowing that if captured, any men prisoners will be carried off to the slave mines and they, as women, would be treated much worse.

Upon doing everything in their power to avoid this happening, they are indeed captured and taken to the interrogation cell, but not before Bel was able to erase the ship’s memory, preventing any chances of the League unlocking the code for their ship’s computer giving away full details of their mission. Although, saying they were only on a routine patrol does nothing to help the position they are trapped in, and when they are put on a unmanned shuttle, and donned with tracking collars, there is little they can do than wait to see where they end up. What could be worse than discovering they have been sent to a troop carrier, Eridani, which holds nine hundred men who haven’t seen a woman in seven months? In addition, if they are caught trying to escape they’ll be flogged and then shipped off to Paradise, the League prison Planet of Pain.

I don’t normally go for futuristic stories, but this certainly held my attention from beginning to end. At first the heroine Jo, sounded a little too wimpy to be a Lieutenant, but as the book progressed, her character strengthened making her a great candidate for the pleasure and pain inflicted upon her. Although it is a futuristic story the author, B.A. Bradbury makes it sound credible, and the dilemmas the heroines face ensure a fun and imaginative read.

Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer


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