253. Alternative READ:Flesh and Blood ~ John Argus ~ Erotica ~ Chimera Publishing

Title: Flesh and Blood
Author: John Argus
Publisher: Chimera Publishing
Publisher’s Website: http://www.chimera-online.co.uk
Genre: Erotic / Contemporary
Publication date: Dec 2004
ISBN: 1903931703
Length: 230 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook

Flesh and Blood ~ John Argus ~ Chimera Publishing ~ Erotic Romance

The heat is on for Detective Leah MacInnes as she and her colleague, Scott, search for an abductor who is taking girls from their beds at night all under similar circumstances. During her investigations for the missing girls Leah meets the strange and seductive Mr Morales, only to discover her smart, professional attitude is beginning to wander and is replaced with an insatiable urge to hunt down men to satisfy her newfound sexual appetite. Not only is she haunted by wicked dreams of being taken by raiders, she finds herself visited by a ghostly apparition who calls himself Leah’s Master, and takes great pleasure in using and punishing her as and when he requires.

Why this is, Leah doesn’t know, but when she meets her new boss, lesbian Taja Mbweni, who also seems to have it in for her, she finds herself both loving and hating the extra demands being made of her with a shameful excitement. Unable to understand why she is suddenly starting to fancy her boss and other colleagues, Leah’s investigations lead her on a promiscuous road to self discovery, hidden desires and the finding of ancient vampires who hunger for young flesh and blood. Will she be able to crack the case, and save the missing girls before she too becomes their latest victim?

Flesh and Blood is packed with sexual tension, control, submission and lusty vampires. It’s fun, well written, extremely saucy, and will have you turning the pages at a pace equal to Leah’s changing sexual desires! If like me, you love reading contemporary erotica mixed with vampires from the underworld, then you’re going to adore this raunchy read.

Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer


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