252. Alternative READ:Painful Consequences ~ Alison North ~ Erotica ~ Chimera Publishing

Title: Painful Consequences
Author: Alison North
Publisher: Chimera Publishing
Publisher’s Website: http://www.chimera-online.co.uk
Genre: Erotic / Contemporary
Publication date: Nov 2005
ISBN: 1903931800
Length: 224 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook

Painful Consequences ~ Alison North ~ Chimera Publishing ~ Contemporary Erotic Romance

It is interesting to note that Painful Consequences records the penalties of Alison North’s own true tales, and those of her friends too; all of which, relate to a disastrous one-off liaison. Divided into two books, this is a refreshing approach to writing a book, and can be read as one continuous interwoven story, or several, lewd individual reads for the erotic connoisseur on the go. Below I have picked out some of my favourite stories.

Book one, begins with Jennie and Friends, and the first consequence chronicles the outcome of a School Secretary’s Tale of Woe which takes place in a boarding school for the children of Her Majesty’s Officers of the Armed Forces. Being caught in an compromising position across a bench in the chemistry lab with Mr Parker, the sports master, lands Jennie inside the Headmaster’s office, being caned, in exchange for keeping her job and her secret from her husband. A truly humiliating, but sexy experience. (Later on, this caning comes back to haunt her, as three six form students have been listening to every word and decide to take matters into their own hands).

The Tale of the Time Traveller’s Wife, in consequence two, tells the story of Michael Jamieson, Jennie’s husband, who, after being taken by Sari (a beautiful raven-haired time traveller) and was transported through hyperspace in a space shuttle over two and a half years ago. Michael is now bored with the seventy-sixth century and yearns to go back to his wife. But, Imperial law makes it strictly illegal to return to ones own time, and Michael is determined to break the rules, however painful the consequences may be.

Consequence Five, In the Arms of the Law, finds Jennie Jamieson down at Westminster Police Station with the rest of the girls from a massage parlour explaining the circumstances that lead to their arrest to a Duty Inspector in graphic, confessional detail. Instead of being charged, she asks if there is some sort of corporal punishment she could have, in order to get out of facing a criminal record! Luckily those friendly, helpful policemen, and women, have more than enough ideas to get out of the paperwork that arrest sheets involve…

When Jennie’s friend Jan loses in a game of Sexopology (consequence six) she wonders what demands would be made of her by way of a forfeit. Rosalind, the games master in charge of the proceedings, asks Jan to roll the dice once more to determine the level of severity of her forfeit, six being the highest and dirtiest of them all. The consequence of loosing soon becomes apparent as her husband and other fellow players have to watch her act out her forfeit with another man!

In Book Two – Accidents Will Happen, Alison North decides to tell you about herself, and how she was subjected to extremely painful consequences of her own in consequences numbered seven to ten.

Here in consequence nine Alison Chairs the board, there is another Christmas story, where this time, Alison’s husband has been appointed personal assistant to the managing director, and the word processing dept has an opening made just for her! Or rather, she is the opening…

In the final consequence (number ten) reveals Alison’s Anguish! As the sales director’s PA, Alison tops up her pay with photo and video shoots. However, Alison is none too pleased when Sylvia’s computer sends her on entirely the wrong job with, yes, you’ve guessed it, very painful consequences!

The reader will play privy to several entertaining, amusing and highly erotic tales with stinging buttocks on almost every page, making this an ideal read for CP enthusiasts!

Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer


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