251. Alternative READ:Betty Serves the Master ~ Madeleine Tanner ~ Erotica ~ Historical ~ Chimera

Title: Betty Serves the Master
Author: Madeleine Tanner
Publisher: Chimera Publishing
Publisher’s Website: http://www.chimera-online.co.uk
Genre: Erotic / Historical fiction
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 1901388298
Length: 256 pages
Format: Paperback / Hardcover / eBook

Betty Serves the Master ~ Madeleine Tanner ~ Chimera Publishing ~ Erotic Historical Romance

The leading heroine Betty, is drugged by an evil gypsy, and abducted by the Clancy twins, wicked Lord Edward his much nicer brother, Lord Harold. Upon awakening Betty finds herself in a horse-drawn carriage, being taken to Madame Farquar’s high-class brothel where they specialise in every variety of corporal punishment possible – for a price. She also discovers that the brothel is patronised by her husband William and that her marriage isn’t quite legal. In order to escape, Betty feigns a feverish condition that worries the Clancy Twins so much they decide to take her to the Sisters of Nommerci convent hospice to recover. However, the convent is no normal establishment, and Mother Superior and Sister Ignatius not only help her recover, they teach her their way to repent.

Betty’s family fortune is dependent on her keeping her virginity intact, and if it’s taken, the fortune will revert to the Church of Rome. Meanwhile, Betty succumbs to Lord Harold’s charms and swears to give up her husband (for all she has heard about him) to become Lord Harold’s common-law spouse. But Harold’s brother Edward is jealous and plans to outwit him to gain possession of Betty. Later Betty hears the truth about her husband’s whereabouts and distraught, begs her new man to take her to William’s aid to rescue him, but Lord Harold has his own plans for ridding Betty of William once and for all, guaranteeing Betty remains under his command.

It would seem everybody who meets Betty is after her body; from the Sisters of Nommerci and their notorious nuns’ pleasures (which is highly amusing) to Lord Edward Clancy, Liza and Parslow. The author, Madeleine Tanner writes particularly well within the historical theme. Her characters speak appropriate language for the time period, and although much of the dialogue is written as they speak, it is mastered in such a way it doesn’t distract you from what is happening. The erotic fantasy’s plot is a little confusing and bizarre at times, maybe this is because I have not read the previous book, Sold into Service, but there are many colourful characters who get up to salacious antics in the S&M department, ensuring an entertaining and intriguing read, nevertheless. The sex in Betty Serves the Master is steamy, humiliating and slightly risqué for those who are not familiar to this genre, but it’s the shocking factor that makes it an ideal fantasy for erotic reader enthusiasts and curious beginners alike.

Angelika Devlyn
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer


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