25. An Alternative VIEW: Infinity Publishing ~ Soul Mate Connections ~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Title: Soul Mate Connections
Author: Myrna Lou Goldbaum
Publisher: Infinity Publishing.com
Genre: Non-fiction / Palm reading / Diary / Spirituality / Love
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 0-7414-1409-0
Length: 133 pages
Edition: Paperback

Soul Mate Connections ~ Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates ~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum

A gigantic message board of life reads ~ “Be yourself!” ~ for truthfulness is the strongest aphrodisiac, the only real way to keep the romance flowing in a close love relationship.

Soul Mate Connections begins with a 19 page article on the issues addressing palmistry and finding your Soul Mate, discovering your own spiritual path and creating a more fulfilling life, with the right person. She includes a clearly defined explanation about the foundation of the Soul Mate Symbol, a triangular mark found on the centre of the palm near the wrist. It’s interesting to hear how Friendship, Honour, Trust, Respect, Spontaneity, Affection and Love, are all elements forming the structure of the Soul Mate Symbol. Look out for these traits when building a union between two people within a Soul Mate relationship. There is also a short description about the 5 basic areas of the Soul Mate Symbol to learn about too; Communication, Visible Appearance of Couple, Spirituality, Sexual Compatibility and Similar Belief System. I particularly enjoyed reading the useful sections on ‘Basic Relationship Mistakes’ and ‘Qualities to look for in a Soul Mate relationship’. Although, I’m in my 13th year of marriage, and think it’s too late for that now! Incidentally, my baby finger placed on its side, DOES fit into the Soul Mate Symbol. Evidence I have already found my Soul Mate… Lucky me.

The second, largest part of this book contains Myrna Lou’s Diary of Palm Reading Sessions, relating to love romance and Soul Mate relationships during 1957 – 2001. Each story is conveniently numbered, making it an ideal coffee table book that can be picked up and read at your leisure. With 46 separate sessions, there is something for everyone. Many of these are uplifting tales of success and fortune, showing Myrna’s professional, responsible attitudes to all her clients, who are from all walks of life. However, this book would not be realistic if it didn’t show the painful, but no less captivating, sadder side of her clients’ lives, too. Therefore, a few of these stories will sadden you, pull on your heart-strings, emphasising Myrna Lou’s down-to-earth approach and accurate readings of personalities and future projections of everyday folk, just like you and me.

From reading this book, Ms.Goldbaum sounds a very interesting lady with a busy life, committed to helping others. With over 55 years of palm reading experience you will find she is more than qualified to lecture and teach about palm reading with relationships, love and soul mates being one of her many specialities. If interested, Myrna can found on the Internet with a column devoted to love and soul mates at www.womenofwonder.com. Find her under ‘Ask a Psychic’ in the spirituality section. I know I will!


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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