246. Atlernative BOOK NEWS: More Tantalizing Tales ~ Did The CIA Topple The Peacock Throne?

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Did The CIA Topple The Peacock Throne?

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida — April 18, 2006 —

Did the CIA topple the Peacock Throne? Did you ever wonder how we got into such a mess in the Middle East? Some questions that have long shadowed America’s place in history are posed and answered, at least fictionally, in SEVENTH DAWN OF DESTINY,a book just released by e-books publisher TantalizingTales.com.

The romantic swashbuckler, with an exciting balance of action, adventure
and intrigue, follows the political awakening of American soldier Scott
Fallon who is seduced by the luxurious lifestyle U.S. army officers once
enjoyed in the Middle East.

When he falls in love with an Iranian girl, he gives American oil and
arms interests and the CIA a way to force him into an assassination plot.
Assigned a special mission for the Shah, he becomes a friend of the
royal family—and the CIA has a man in place, should termination become

Scott Fallon is a hero who fights the system when it’s wrong but the
stakes are incredibly high—the death of the most powerful man in Iran in
exchange for the life of Scott’s son. SEVENTH DAWN OF DESTINY is based
on real events in the life of Paul R. Wineman, one of the authors.

Other TantalizingTales.com books have received critical acclaim from the
e-books community since the site launched in October 2005. Charlene
Keel’s COME SLOWLY EDEN has been favorably compared to CATCHER IN THE RYE and
critics have called THE LODESTONE a “compelling story with characters
expertly brought to life.”

Also in April 2006, TantalizingTales.com (now based in Coral Springs,
FL)releases MORDRED AND THE KING, by John Michael Curlovich, a haunting
fantasy romance described as “Brokeback Mountain Goes to King Arthur’s

For more information:
Contact Charlene Keel
PH: 954-934-3104

My Daily Random Question:

My son’s school sent home a mini-school report to all parents today, hence the theme for today’s question. Must try harder. WHAT must YOU try harder at?

The Happiness Manifesto:

My way of calming down after a hard day of being SASSY, and part of my 43things to do list, which I’m writing here instead.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I had two more ‘Anderson’ coincidences today. First, I received an email from Tantalizing Tales with ‘Anderson’ in the header. Is this a popular name like Smith is to us Brits? Or am I getting messages from a higher force? I feel like someone is trying to tell me something! What do you think? Am I mad or is there really something in it?

2. Having a productive day of reviewing. So many good books, so little time. Now, just as I typed that I wondered where the original ‘So many [pretty] girls, so little time’ saying came from. I looked it up on the net, and found a TV Series:’Breaking Point'(1963 Season 1, Episode 21). Original Air Date: 17 February 1964 — My Birthday, although not the same year, I quickly add — and spotted the name Andreson.

It’s almost the same. So feeling curious I clicked on her profile and she is indeed an AndREson, not AndERson. But then I got thinking. I do that sometimes. It could be a spelling mistake. I then clicked on a random TV programme Carol Andreson acted in ~ Mission Impossible:- The Freeze Episode(1968). Not only did I find out Andreson, is in fact just that, I then stumbled on a another actress who went by the name — yes, you’ve guessed it — ANDERSON.<–ESP Proof!

OK, so, now you may think that I’m actually going out of my way to find the name, and in a way you’d be right in this case. But what are the chances of finding another actress with the same name on the next random TV series I pick…? Spooky, eh?

3. Flowers. I love them, but they don’t half make me sneeze my socks off. And it’s hayfever time again. So I’m back on my antihistamines. What a messed up world we live in – coughs and colds plague us in winter*, when the weather’s nippy and so interchangable. Then in summer the sunlight affects us. Well, me and I should imagine quite a few million others, too ~ I bet.

*Of course, you may have a hot winter if you are living in the southern hemisphere. Lucky you. Did you know it is also less polluted where you live, as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere? This is due to lower overall population densities, lower levels of industrialisation, and smaller land masses. Lucky, Lucky you! You should be so grateful.

4. Blog Pings. Although, I do ponder over the fact that they may not actually work at all. Can anyone see this post? Do you know I exist? Perhaps we’re communicating via telephathy.

5. The word lugubrious; such a dismal, and yet, comical word to pronounce!

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