244. Alternative UPDATE: New Games Room and Daily Quotes

I’ve just added another two features to the main alternative-read.com site.

Two pages, in fact. Enter the “Games Room” and Daily fun! Go look, before I decide to take ’em down!

My Daily Random Question:

What wastes your time, yet you just can’t help doing it?

The Happiness Manifesto:

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The word chasm. Epecially when preceded by the word fiery.

2. The look on your face when I just said that.

3. My sons ‘must watch’ film of the week is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Now, this film I do not mind at all. Play it again, and again – Sam.

4. Notebooks to write all my ideas in.

5. Notebooks to write all my things ‘to do’.

6. (My god! There’s never been a six before). Notebooks. Period. Full stop. The End. (Did I tell you I was bilingual?)

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