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Title: The Blackgloom Bounty
Name of Author: Jon F. Baxley
Author’s Website: http://www.jonbaxley.com
Name of Publisher: Thomson Gale USA
Website of Publisher: http://www.gale.com/fivestar
Genre: Fantasy,Real World, Medieval, Semi-Historical
Publication Date: April 2006
ISBN: 1594144516
Length: 445
Format: Hardback
(Thomson Gale) & eBook (Paladin Timeless Books)
Amazon Link:

Review of The Blackgloom Bounty
Copyright 2006 Jon F. Baxley

Kruzurk Makshare the magician is sent by the spirit of Merlin of
Pendragon, his long dead mentor, to destroy the villainous Seed of
Cerberus. This task requires entry into Blackgloom Keep which can only
be entered via sorcery. Kruzurk needs help, since he has sworn never to
delve into the sorcerous realm, so he comes up with a plan to use Daynin
McKinnon to aid in the quest.

Daynin is a young highlander who believes he has discovered the fabled
Scythian Stone of Scotian legend. The stone becomes the catalyst for a
series of unforeseen and horrific events that unfold for Daynin and his
cadre of friends while they travel across medieval Britain and Scotia in
their attempt to return to Daynin’s home on the island of Rhum. Those
friends include the lovely Sabritha who becomes a developing love
interest for Daynin. There is also the spirit of a long dead Pictish
king named Brude McAlpin, who both helps and hinders Daynin and Kruzurk
in the rest of their adventures.

Assorted bad guys include Saxons, Caledonian bountiers and numerous
other cutthroats tracking Daynin for the bounty put on his head in
Britain and the huge bounty he unknowingly plunders from Blackgloom.
Those bounties are the driving force behind 445 pages of chases, battles
and assorted calamitous events, all culminating in a breathtaking ending
that will leave readers both satisfied and eager for the next episode,
The Regents of Rhum.

Make no mistake, though—this is no Harry Potter clone—it’s a vast new,
semi-historical medieval realm for fantasy readers who don’t want to
learn a whole new vocabulary before they can enjoy reading a book.
Reviewers have said that The Blackgloom Bounty will set a new standard
for readers who want more than mere monsters and magic to whet their
imagination. They’re right! With tons of non-human, magical and mythical
creatures promising to keep even diehard fantasy fans on the edge of
their seats, this book is the future of fantasy reading. And what about
the romance fans? You, too, will find plenty of the ‘spice’ you’re
seeking (PG), as will epic adventure readers looking for a cast of
characters in the Conan vein.

Special Note: The Paladin Timeless Books eBook version of Blackgloom
includes lavishly illustrated color plates of characters, scenes and
events that are not included in the Thomson Gale hard cover edition.
Readers (especially children) will find that these images flesh out a
wonderful storyline, making it a tale they will not soon forget.

Educator’s Note: A special annotations listing is included at the end of
Blackgloom which defines or clarifies many of the historical terms used
in the text. Every effort was made in the writing of this book to insure
accuracy in both content and context. Your feedback and/or comments are

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