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Title: Ignoble:The Dark Ages Trilogy: Book 1
Author: Sturmen Krieg
Website of Author: http://www.thewritersplace.org/ignoble.shtml
Publisher: Cedar Hill Publishing
Website of Publisher: http://www.cedarhillpublishing.com/
Genre: Fiction: War/Military / Action-Thriller
Publication date: Spring 2005
ISBN: 1-933324-05-8
Pages: 263
Edition: Paperback


Ignoble is the first novel of the Dark Ages Trilogy by Sturmen Krieg, and immediately gives the reader a fascinating insight into how a military operation to tackle drug trafficking in South America could be carried out with devastating results. When experienced and tough American soldiers come up against determined and ruthless forces controlled by a drugs cartel there can only be one result, a tense and thrilling adventure full of betrayal, life and death struggle and a glimpse into the horror that can result from pure greed.

Team Bravo is led by a tough and experienced soldier called Captain Alexander Scott Richter assisted by the equally tough Sergeant-Major Clifford Ramsey whose mission is a secret joint DEA-Panamanian drugs operation in Columbian territory. Soon everything begins to fall apart when betrayal compromises the mission and the team find themselves cut-off and with the added trauma of finding a Colombian village where all the people have been horrifically slaughtered, showing us how difficult it is for soldiers to keep it together under extreme circumstances and how cheap human life can become when money is the driving force.

Sturmen Krieg obviously has first-hand knowledge of what he is writing about and tackles the subject well with a clear and very professional writing style that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page. I couldn’t find fault with this book due to the fact that the author doesn’t deviate from his subject and attempt to fill gaps with unnecessary verbiage. The plot is clear from the beginning and the story unfolds superbly as if the reader was there as an observer, making me think that this novel would translate well to screen. Personally, I have always been fairly dismissive of military style novels, but Ignoble has certainly changed my mind.

If you are looking for a thrilling military read then you need look no further than this. I only hope that Sturmen Krieg can keep up the pace for the rest of his trilogy!

Sassy’s Note:

In addition, at the back of the book the author has added nearly four pages of military acronyms and abbreviations, which I found helped a military novice as myself. Being the kind of gal I am, I read these first so I knew what they meant before starting the book. Having said that, I was surprised to discover I already knew more of these abbreviations than I expected to. I suppose that is down to having a son who plays war video games all day long! (or would, if I let him).

Author Bio:

Doctor James E.Fischer, a.k.a. Sturmen Krieg, presents the first volumne of his trilogy. A retired United States Army Officer, Krieg brings to the forefront the treachery, deceit and brutality of the human specie when confronted by the possibility of acquiring enormous wealth. Krieg, too, received his “blood-wings” from the 101st Airborne (Air Assault).

Reviewed by Sassy Brit

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