241. Alternative Sassy Column: I’ve Made a Pact…

No! Wake up! It’s late and you are sleepy, maybe a little drunk looking, and slightly ugly, but you are NOT on the wrong page. I’ve been messing around with my blog template and found a better design, that’s all. I think it looks neater, it exudes a sense of approachable professionalism and it’s now very easy to use. Just like me baby, given the right benefits, of course!

Too bad my secret sassiness is simmering away in the background, waiting to strike ye down in a reign of terror, all ye who dare write a book that is not even worthy of our cut-price bargain bins. READ MORE…

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My Daily Random Question:

What makes YOU so very angry, you might burst a blood vessel at any moment?

The Happiness Manifesto:

(My way of calming down and part of my 43things to do list, which I’m writing here instead).

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Bookshelves – and lots of them.

2. Watching my son swim like I never knew he could!

3. Digital cameras. Taking photos and getting instant results – although, I do miss the real thing sometimes.

4. Hearing music that is new to me and loving it!

5. Having a two hour telephone conversation with a friend in need, and helping her to feel better.

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