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Win this great book ~ Gratitude Works! Just join alternative-read Yahoo group below, by 30th April and you could be the lucky winner!

You can also join to enter another competition for a free copy of William P.Haynes ‘The Curse of Mesphisto’s Seed’ (Read the reviews here).

For both competitions ~ join the alternative-read.com Yahoo group by 30th April, and post a message with the header:

and you’ll be entered into the free prize draw!

(This is a low volume newsletter – and EVERYONE can also get a free ‘Fantasy’ eBook ~ see the competition page here for more details).

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My Daily Random Question:

What item would you save from a burning fire?

The Happiness Manifesto:

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Meeting new friends on the net!

2. Being tenacious.

3. Walking down the nature reserve with my son, listening to the radio ~ with one earpiece each. (Tricky, and very amusing!)

4. Dreaming of doughnuts and Johny Depp??? Slightly perverse!

5. Finishing my newsletter! Yay!

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