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My Daily Random Question:

Do you talk to your car as you are driving along?

The Happiness Manifesto:

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My money was refunded today.(For the Chinese takeaway’s mouldy rice that spoilt my Mothering Sunday lunch!)

2. Finding my portable CD player, although, it’s not very portable because it has to be plugged in. I have some great self help/inspirational CD’s to review, so I must get some batteries, but they are “special” (meaning hard to get) and I cannot get them anywhere! Until then, I must remember to unplug before I get up and walk around!

3. I’m very excited about having three new columnists and a new book reviewer join alternative-read.com (More about this soon!)

4. Looking forward to having two weeks off, for Easter.

5. Spending the whole of today with my Son, on my own. He’s growing more confident as each day passes.

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