231.Alternative WRITING KNOWHOW: Increasing your character’s potential ~ Occupations ~

Did you know that you can track down transcripts for movies, here on the internet? In Google, key in “Transcripts” and then the title of the film you wish to find.

This is a useful trick if you are writing a book, and a particular film you have watched has the same “feel” as your manuscript. One of your characters may have an occupation that you need to learn more about, and is heavily featured in a film (e.g. doctor, fireman, lawyer, pilot). Not only could assist you with the right terms your own character should use, it could also help you with a specific theme or time period, e.g. vampires, pirates, clowns and films of a historical nature.

Obviously, I am not encouraging plagiarism, I’m merely supplying you with ideas for other places to reseach your fictional book! Studying relevant films can enhance your own characters and give you more solutions to how they should speak and behave in the selected workplace or time period you have chosen for them.

Having said that, remember not all films have their facts right, so don’t rely on them too much as other research will be needed. There are some films that are fictional and do base their facts on true-to-life details. Take the Titanic with Leo DiCaprio, for example. This is a mixutre of fact (the Titanic ship) and fiction (the love story).

It is also worth pointing out that the older the film the more likely it is that the facts were right at the time of filming, but this can change. Nothing ever stays the same. New discoveries and devlopments are always being found. Nevertheless, they are good starting points for your own manuscript.

Also check out this list of occupations, for the usual and some truly bizzare ideas for your characters! This is a UK site, however, there are plenty more sites designed for genealogical research. Ideal for those who write historical fiction. This one also shows you Victorian London Taverns, Inns and Public houses. Providing the street names where they were situated, along with the year.

Just a taster of what is available if you know where to look.

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