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Special Offer from Dandelion Books!!


Living with Soul – Special Two-Volume Price!!

Save $17.05 when you order both volumes of Living with Soul, An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, by Tony Stubbs, now available at www.dandelionbooks.net for the special price of $45.00!!.

Each volume purchased separately is $27.95, plus shipping and handling.

Living with Soul picks up where every other spiritual book leaves off. It totally overturns our outworn ideas of God and our role in the universe by answering “The Four Big Questions”:

· Who am I really?

· Where did I really come from?

· Why am I really here?

· Where will I really go when I die?

Hailed as “essential reading for anyone in a physical body,” Living with Soul explores reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, death, near-death experiences, life on the “other side” and many other multi-dimensional forms of human existence that, as Stubbs explains, “are all part of learning how to honor who you really are: a spiritual being in a physical body.”

Living with Soul also delivers new information about human life in relation to the cosmos and explains why it has been so difficult for global leaders to publicly acknowledge extraterrestrial presence. Writes Stubbs: “We are part of a vast and wonderful universe. As the mystics have always known and science is currently discovering, it is much more than can be seen, heard and touched. And so are we.

According to Stubbs, “science now accepts the existence of at least ten dimensions of reality and many more remain to be discovered–dimensions that interrelate, interconnect and affect one another in our universe. We too are multidimensional.”

Stubbs is also author of the best-selling classic, An Ascension Handbook. He has ghostwritten and edited some of the world’s most popular books on spirituality, death and NDEs. He is also a professional editor, and website and book designer. His website is www.tjpublish.com.

All Dandelion Books are for sale at http://www.dandelionbooks.net [Toll-free orders: 1-800-861-7899].

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