23. An Alternative VIEW: River Pack Publishing ~ How To Drive Your Man Wild! ~ Tom Rassiter

Title: How To Drive Your Man Wild!
Author: Tom Rassiter
Publisher: River Pack Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction / Love / Relationships / Research
Publication date: 2002
Length: 122 pages
Edition: eBOOK

How To Drive Your Man Wild! ~ Tom Rassiter

“…an entertaining, powerful, persuasive tool for finding, keeping and ‘growing’ an everlasting union…Let Mr. ‘love guru’ Rossiter, bring back that sparkle to your relationship by allowing him to teach you a lesson in love”.

This is a research report in 17 parts, for the purpose of sharing the secrets of a SoulMate Maker™. In simple terms, this means you will be shown how to find, keep and ‘grow’ your SoulMate, using some ingenious concepts and tactics based on the findings of Rassiter’s Relationship Research.

The 17 parts are actually 17 distinct things you can do to attract and keep the devoted attention of the right kind of man. He quotes : “If you follow our recommendations, we guarantee your man will find your more attractive to the point where you have him ‘eating out of your hands and ‘begging’ for more.” Step up to the stage, Tom Rassiter, and do your stuff!

So with keen interest I rushed through the text, learning the benefits of systematic practice and how to understand why men respond to certain womanly behaviours the way they do. Knowledge is power, as they say! Upon each page, Tom Rassiter provides full, frank answers with honest and astounding advice. Can men really be that easy to handle? Yes, if you know how! Tom Rassiter’s mission is to cover the subtle desires in the male psyche to ensure that any woman can feel empowered to get more of what she really wants out of a relationship. This fascinating concept not only enables women to be better equipped to handle their men, but it explains how to put theory into practice! The research is made with interviews and ‘observations’ regarding wives, girlfriends, mistresses, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and ex-mistresses. Not a woman in sight has been left unturned.

The best thing I like about this book is that his report is set out in lessons as ‘the wife’ v’s ‘the Mistress!’ Now, if you think, well, the wife has no chance, you’re on the right track. That’s the whole point of this research. Learning the difference between what a mistress and a wife would do to keep her man happy, and acting more like the mistress than the wife. (Less nagging, more compliments and confidence etc).

There are some great tips, including — things you shouldn’t say before breakfast and how to act if your man is having an affair , but also some quite obvious ones such as never let him see you in curlers! Seriously though, if you should be having relationship difficulties, need to know the secrets of a long, happy marriage, then buy this informative book, practice these invaluable lessons and watch the magic work before your very eyes! At the very best this book could save a crumbling marriage, plain and simple. At the very worst, it can stop and make you think about your actions and interactions. Even a relationship that appears to be going well can do with an occasional boost, as we all know how it is far too easy to take each other for granted and not realise it. Don’t forget, when you buy the book, you also get access to the authors private phone number, should you have any further questions.

To sum up, this is an entertaining, powerful, persuasive tool for finding, keeping and ‘growing’ an everlasting union. Whether a complete shake up is needed or just a gentle reminder of how to keep things spicey, reading How to drive your man wild can only improve things. Let Mr. ‘love guru’ Rossiter, bring back that sparkle to your relationship by allowing him to teach you a lesson in love.

OK I’m off to whip my husband into action, using a few cunning techniques I’ve learnt from this book…

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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