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misspelledsearch.info: fixing the web from the inside out

Internet Marketing – Finding the right Google Adwords [1] keywords!

If you have a website you should know that to ‘help’ get it noticed you need to add meta tags [2]. These tags include useful, site related words that Internet surfers will type into search engines [3], i.e. for a book review site the most obvious keyword would be ‘book review’.

This information cannot be seen on your website, as they are inserted into the ‘head’ area of your webs pages. It is worth pointing out that your chosen meta tag words work in conjunction with the text on your website, and whilst there are no guarantees that each search engine’s crawlers [4] will actually look for these tags, those that do, will search for appropriate matching words and find your website in the their search. If your tag words are within your website content they are more likely to increase your page hit than using random high-ranking words not placed anywhere else within your site.

Now, you can search the ‘Keyword selector tool’ for the most common words and terms used in internet searches, i.e. type in ‘book review’ and this comes up top in the list with 55,697 individual searches (at the time of writing this article) followed by all related searches in descending order of popularity.

Incidentally, it is not a good idea to use the most popular search word in your meta tags, for these are monopolised by the larger companies who pay for their top spots in Internet searches rendering them almost useless to you. To increase your chances of getting your website found it is therefore better to choose some of the lower related words in your tags so you are not competing with top ranking sites.

But what happens when many of the words entered into these search programmes are spelt incorrectly? How are they ever going to find your site if they are spelling words differently to you? Believe it or not you can use this to your advantage. Misspelled words are often done unintentionally, e.g. typed incorrectly by mistake either because they are in a rush, or cannot spell. We are only human after all!

So why am I telling you this?

Because you can also target the lesser known, misspelled words by adding these to your meta tags. With this inside information you may be able to increase your clientel and your profit (if you are selling a product on your site). With me, it helps to expand the amount of potential authors looking for a book review, by getting 10-20% more clicks my competition doesn’t reach.

How do I find out what those misspelled words are?

Search the misspelledsearch.info portal site. Their goal is to provide quality information for the millions of unintentionally misspelled internet searches performed everyday.

Just the trick for improving your stats and ultimately your Internet marketing strategies.

Glossary and related info:

[1] Google Adwords Keywords
[2] Meta tags
[3] Search Engine
[4] Crawlers

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